One of my bosses

2011-04-17 09:48:04

One of my bosses

He was one of my bosses in the past few working places. When I worked as a Youth Leader, he was my boss. At that time, I was very young, and I didn\'t have lots of working experience, but I was vigorous, motivated, educated and willing to learn.

He came from a mountain region, and did not have a high level of education because he was poor. He got the position because of his personality: honest, motivated, good teamwork skills, willing to learn, and very strong communication skills. He was a very nice, friendly and helpful boss. When I worked with him, he always encouraging me to work independently, but, if I got any problem, he always went to bat for me to figure it out. I have to say that I learned a lot from him.

Things are not always smooth. Once, our company hold a big event for new year, we had lots of things to prepare. I was very busy and felt stressful, I am not a high-maintenance employee, but I felt helpless because at this time, my boss didn\'t do anything for the event nor give me any ideas. Until the day before the event, I went to his office to report to him about the event preparation. I was hoping that he would give me some support or suggestion. But he didn\'t say anything regarding the New Year event, instead he just said a few words with impatience, " Why do you ask me? This is your job. You have to think carefully by yourself." "What? you are my boss, I have to report the event\'s preparation to you, why are you upset?" I just thought it in my mind, and didn\'t say so, I left his office without any words. I was unhappy at that time.

About a week later, my boss called me to his office, I went. I stood in front his desk silently, he asked me," Why are you standing? Sit down, please." I flowed his instruction and sited down just like a machine. He smiled," I know you are unhappy, I would like to say sorry to you for my work manner... ..." and then he told me his son had died two weeks ago, this little boy was only two years old .

I have met quite a few employers in my life, most of them were very nice people, but, no one like God, some times, they lose control. By my faith, I do not like people to lose control, some times they drive me crazy, especially if the person is a boss. But when I recall this recollection, I will relax," Don\'t be too sensitive, every one has difficulties, perhaps he/she is frustrated, perhapes he/she is under stress, perhaps I did some thing wrong. We have to understand each other, trust each other and help each other "

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