My favourite music

2011-02-12 19:14:03

My favourite music

If someone asks me why my favourite music is Beethoven\'s "Moonlight Sonata", my answers are very simple, there are only two reasons: first, it is a music, and second, it is about the moon.

In my opinion, music should not have borders. It is not a song or poetry that has some language barrier, the music does not need any translation. What we need to do? just close our eyes and listen, the beautiful melody floats around you, it is without any words to limit your vision, the music can opens your mind, and makes your brain storm. You could find a lot of images and pictures in front of your eyes, and into your heart. In this time, you could swim in the music just like a free fish, you could fly in the music just like a free bird.

Right now, I would like to talk about the second reason. In China, we have lots of songs, poetry, myths, and stories regarding the Moon, and also we have the Mid-Autumn Festival. In our mind, the moon is the symbol of reunion. I am a immigrant, Toronto is a wonderful city, I love it so much, but, sometimes, I am homesick, I miss my hometown. 1300 years ago, a famous Chinese poet who name is Li Bai, he had a famous poem about the moon, it is simple but touching, until today, lots of Chinese people know it, even the children. By reason it is a traditional poem, that is not easy to translate from Chinese to English, but I can tell the meaning is like this:

Bed front a moonlight land
I thought frost had come on the ground
Head raised, I gaze at the moon
Head bowed, I miss my homeland

When I listened Beethoven\'s "Moonlight Sonata" under the moon, the music was amazing, I could feel it was like the moonlight pours down, touching my hair, my body, also my heart, it was like stream coming from my hometown, I seemingly sat beside the Yangzi River, I watched the moonlight glinting on the water, it\'s silence and peace. At the time, I seemingly backed to my childhood, sat down under the Moonlight, and listened to the story regarding the Moon.

I really love this music, because it is like a bridge that links the Western and Eastern cultures, it belongs to the world.

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