vocable  the Tang Dynasty “ modern style” poetry  古体诗  现代诗  Poetry Pingshang    bend  Confucian classics  outland poetry  Free verse  cantus 

  archaism  Like a Dream
14Word:  Bamboo  Bamboo
15Word:  Knot Nagqu
16Word:  The word return rumor
18Word:  Busy in the good  Busy in the good  Fisherman cited
20Word:  La sing song  La sing song  Indus Film  to pay respect crescent
22Word:  Qing Xuan and  Drunk makeup words
23Word:  Southern Poems  Lotus Cup
24Word:  Cyprus Gu  凭阑 people  Echo Music  Echo Music  Dancing Horse words  Dancing Horse words  Zhe Zhi cited  fine predilection
25Word:  凭阑 people  Fisherman's song son Twenty five Zisan Oblique tone (any of the three tones other than the even tone, i.e., rising tone, going tone, and entering tone) Fisherman's song Old fisherman cantus Old fisherman Old fisherman (surname)
26Word:  Southern Poems  Claustrophobia  Lotus Cup  梧叶 children  Won new
27Word:  Tone of the South  Shouyang song  recall south of the Changjiang River  Liu Zhang Taiwan  Liu Zhang Taiwan  Xie Hong  bare Date  Trace Lian  Gui Dianqiu  梧叶 children  Fisherman's song son  Fisherman's song son  Fisherman's song son  Xiaoxiang God  Spring Song  Spring Song
28Word:  10-like flowers  10-like flowers  Tone of the South  Tone of the South  Tian Jing Sha  Tian Jing Sha  Every Word Double  Shouyang song  La sing song  Man shot eight  Man shot eight  Bamboo  Guan Yang Qu  Lotus child  poplar osier  欸乃 song  Waves
29Word:  Dry lotus leaves  Hi spring  Hi spring  Ganzhou song  Drunk yin Business
30Word:  Tone of the South  9 machine  Dry lotus leaves  Hi spring  Autumn clear  Autumn clear  Autumn clear  hoof libretto  Drop music  France driving caused a
31Word:  1 leaves were gone  recall prince's descendant  recall prince's descendant  Hi spring  Gold by  Women complain Fan
32Word:  Ancient tease  (orig.) name of a form of chinese poetry called "tzu" (now pornographically) the anus Pozi  Shouyang song  Resentment ya side  Xixi child  Gold by  梧叶 children
33Word:  (orig.) name of a form of chinese poetry called "tzu" (now pornographically) the anus Pozi  Ganzhou song  complain heartfelt emotion  complain heartfelt emotion  Drop music  梧叶 children  consider place where God Lived
34Word:  henbane  henbane  henbane  henbane  Returned rumor  Go from rumor  Merry son  Yin Ma Song  Make fun of that  Gold by  consider place where God Lived
35Word:  Set Zephaniah  Set Zephaniah  Set Zephaniah  Set Zephaniah  Xixi child  Jiang Chengzai  Wangjiang complain
36Word:  Huan meet  Huan meet  Huan meet  Huan meet  Huan meet  Good scenery  Error Taoyuan  long lovesickness  long lovesickness  long lovesickness  long lovesickness  long lovesickness  Jiang Chengzai  Jiang Chengzai  River Mitsuko  consider place where God Lived
37Word:  complain heartfelt emotion  梧叶 children  Jiang Chengzai  River Mitsuko
38Word:  Uplink Cup  drunk peace  Trace Lian  hope mumeplant japanese  hope mumeplant japanese
39Word:  Uplink Cup  Female longevity  Thanksgiving and more

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  Chinese lyrics are based on the name of the tune, saying the tune name or word transfer. Song with the music before the words are singing, and some lyrics by tone,
  Some transfer system according to the word, the name of that tune is tune music. Lyrics to demand a cost-tone music, but also in line with some metrical
  (That word law), such as the number of words, tones of the words, sentences, rhyme are found. After the transfer is mainly by Song lyrics, and most people only know the word rhyme,
  Do not know music, they are only in accordance with the metrical lyrics, the lyrics and music out onto the road. After the Ming Dynasty, Song scores probably lost, but has continued in accordance with metrical lyrics, tune name only as text,
  The structure of the fixed-style music, the word has also become an independent form of poetry.
  Tune a wide range, a total of more than 1,000, of which only about 100 commonly used.

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