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Bai Hua 现代中国  (November 20, 1929 ADJanuary 15, 2019 AD)
Last Name:
First Name: 佑华
Township: 河南信阳潢川县
Death Place: 上海
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Poetry《从秋瑾到林昭》   《轻!重!》   《情思》   《你们和我们》   《叹息也有回声》   《鲜红如花的记忆》   《孩子,去吧!》   《阳光,谁也不能垄断》   《一棵枯树的快乐》   《悲怆》   More poems...

Gender: Male
Nationality / Region: China
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Writer / Writer
Constellation: Scorpio
Birthday: November 20
Alias: Chenyou Hua
Place of Birth: China Henan
Birch, Chinese movies playwright, poet, writer, literary themes which the film wide variety of forms, filled with poetry, literature and strong, from all different sides, showing the reality and history of feeling and thinking. 1961, adjusting literary department of the Shanghai Film Studio. Ghostwriter works include "Peacock Princess" "Dawn" "Hero speechless."
Spring of 1942, and twin brother Ye Nan (East Zuohua) with the Ministry admitted huangchuan junior high school, extracurricular lot of reading literary works, from high school, they begin to learn to write poetry, essays, novels. 1947 to participate in the Central Plains Field Army, he served as propagandists. 1949 joined the Chinese Communist Party. Has served as publicity officer, education officer, division club director. In 1952, Long was working around, then in Kunming Military Region and the creation of any member of the General Political Department workshops. 1958 was wrongly classified as a rightist, expelled from the Party, the Army, in Shanghai August First Film Machinery Plant as fitter. 1961 Swallow tune Shanghai Film Studio as editor, writer, 1964 WMR tune Repertory screenwriter. 1979 vindicated, restore the party, in the Wuhan Military Region Ministry of Culture. 1985 jobs to the Shanghai Writers Association, he served as Vice-Chairman. 1946 began to publish works. 1955 joined the Chinese Writers Association.
Novel "Yeah Mom, Mom!" "Love, solidified in my heart", "distant country to have a daughter", "brook tears" (available in English translation), "great sorrow in the heart dead," " water no way out "," stars are lit every night too, "poetry" Jinsha nostalgia "," hot banana man's song "," Birch's poem, "" my song "When love and be loved "Birch lyrics Sonnets" poem "eagles", "Peacock", a drama script _set_ "Birch plays election" (containing "red rhododendron, purple Du," "Dawn," "starry night" ), "ancient bells with today's response" (containing "king Ge Yue Sword", "SJ song", "get out of the mountains"), "a bald rise and fall of empires" (translated English version), "twin brothers screenplay election," a collection of essays, "I ask that the Moon", "Sadness Tour", the short story collection "frontier voice", "Hunter's Girl," the short story collection "Birch fiction" ( translation available in French), "Birch's novella," "desert wolf," Essays "mixed pain and pleasure of years," film script "caravan to the mountains ringing," "Dawn," "Tonight Starry Night, "" Unrequited Love, "" Peacock Princess "(have taken the issue, and has translated foreign language versions), lecture _set_" birch bleeding heart "and so on.
Birch Birch poet born in the era of national peril, second grade drop out, education is the first to accept literary folk engraved libretto. Autumn 1938, eight years old, he fled to the mountains with his parents. Day night, the Japanese gunfire died away, calmed refugees who lit the bonfire, the fire lay to rest. Soon, an illiterate refugee worn out a book originally sung in the luggage, the man sang, sang it tears up. From form to content, libretto are among the most popular, the most vulgar literature, but at the time gave him a great shock. Later, his father was buried alive in the Japanese military police, the mother struggling with a group of Orphans under the iron heel. Soon, he became a libretto of small chanter. Birch 15-year-old began to publish poems, poetry is the libretto enlightenment teacher, then is classical poetry and literary classics. The mid-1940s, China in all sectors are seeking to suppress the revolution, "leftist" has become fashionable, affecting deep. He was soon among the student movements, and then to the battlefield in 1947. Prompted him to write a major war or life itself, that he wanted to be a painter, and later felt the limitations of painting services in the revolution too, turning on the full range of literature. Of course, his concept of literature also will be "leftist" together. In addition to the left-wing writers invariably dismissive. From 1949 to 1979, China's literature and politics kink closely together constantly in sync to be corrected. Such corrective intensified, to the 1960s, the development of an artificial war - that is Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. From 1949 to 1957, eight years, Birch wrote a number of novels, poetry and film. In the "Cultural Revolution" in the struggle always be criticized as poisonous, but the worst is being criticized as a film director Junli written script "Li Bai and Du Fu", for this script, although no shooting to be published, he must bear the "guilt" For this reason hundreds of thousands of words to write a review. Because it is closest to the truth of history, the closest the United States, the closest independent thinking writer. This proximity is unintentional, not as critics say, is his deliberate Jiegufengjin.
Birch from after 1957 to 1976 was labeled a rightist, without the right of writing. 1957 defeat that he vowed to give up literature, and even the text, all the notes, diaries are all destroyed, throw away all the pens. However, the long night in the past, the storm subsided a little, he threw the literary tightly in her arms. "Cultural Revolution" development of Chinese literature, is to break another one thought imprison process. Fortunately, he has experienced the whole process of the return of Chinese literature.
In fact, he is not a person with a birch rebellious character, brought him bad luck is just a reflection of conscience who have nothing positive. He works in a comeback since the Cultural Revolution are bitter experience works. After the "Cultural Revolution", birch and excited, think of some experienced senior army generals Marshal had told him early on, with only a week's time to write a play "Dawn." Writing occurred in the early 1930s Honghu story and it was a "cultural revolution" is very similar to the historical events, the fact that he tried to explore the reasons for this vicious cycle, but the play still attracted controversy, Although due to the large number of honest people criticize opposition bankruptcy, but enough to make him a deep understanding of the realistic and the way literature is too uneven up! The final compromise was helpless, and some high-ranking officers in the internal rehearsal was over his eyes to escape the pain of watching the film theater, they admit it's true, but it can not accept the truth. 1980 finished filming the movie "starry night", is still a dispute the authenticity. To say this work to promote humanitarian, described the cruelty of war. In screenwriter, director, actor insisted consent, tough and was able to meet with the audience after the scissors arbitrary exclusion. Meanwhile expand public criticism in the newspaper. Fortunately, already after the "Cultural Revolution", the reader has Gannu and began outspoken, and this criticism will miserably.
Any thinking person has experienced decades of great catastrophe will learn from their mistakes, not to mention a sense of responsibility writer? Not because of cowardice away to accommodate the concept of the beaten track, abandoned has recognized the painful lessons. Art should not be subordinate to politics, the writer has the right to think independently.
End of 1980, according to Birch's screenplay "Unrequited Love" filmed a movie, "the sun and people," also caused a nationwide big shock. This critique is the idea of ​​a contest, after the "Cultural Revolution" the most intense time, it tested a lot of people's ideas and courage. (Then have the opportunity to see the "sun and people" who are not ordinary people, because the film is only show in Beijing in 1981 had, at that time called the internal screening)
For literature, are, with a birch I still expect that the well-being of the world in their lifetime to leave a dead flower!
Poet Birch
Birch is naive, it seems unlikely that he has experienced things change, inconstancy, how to maintain his innocence? Birch is simple, it can not, he was in the history of society is complex, it needs to deal with a very effort and mind. Birch is warm, which is more disturbing, because he's Misfortune often frustrating, his passion come from? These seem to have derived from his ideals.
So let's analyze the ideal Birch after all is it? About the hopes of a better world, people get better. This hope is so strong that you can not ignore the many disappointments count. The world and the people exactly what is good, in the birch seems, in fact, simple, such as a gun, he abhorred such things, on behalf of all gun violence, must be rejected for good in the world; such as his Streams in the mountains heard the girl singing, this wild world of the human voice, it must be a good part of that world; another example, his hometown crowd, neighbors, the poor, the humble, who has held the abjection distinctive both good and bad, is good in the world of justice heart - this world is really very simple to just children on cognitive trustworthy, a little more knowledge but will become fallacies, and in such an intellectual birch is at the risk of error, then, came to help him poetry, and poetry is able to overcome the rational decadent poetry is a similar child's personality, but often dispatched in adults, because it takes time, experience, a lot of frustration to smelting, non-special exuberant unavailable, once, there was endless enthusiasm, it becomes an old man. Therefore, the ideal birch, as well as a name, is youth. His desire and pursuit of the world, always being in this innocent emotions.
Two new books
Birch Birch 2009 works published two books, one a collection of poems "long song and ballad" (Yunnan People's Publishing House), a novel _set_ of "Blue Bell girl - Yunnan frontier legend" (published by the Oriental Publishing Center ), both for me to learn but also to enjoy. Learning is to say two book contains a lot of knowledge and ideas and information, life experience and life experience, give me expand horizons, increase memory; enjoy say is that they also provide a wealth of emotion and aesthetic experience, to show the poetic frontier beautiful style and honest human world, Witty, ingenuity, such as weaving, I will linger into one artistic realm, accepting spiritual nourishment and massage, spiritual mold and shocks.
Writer Mr. Bai Hua is my Yunnan military predecessors, deep, is one of the important writers of contemporary literature with my teacher Mr. Feng Mu friend. He not only has a broad readership in the country, but also in the international community also enjoys a certain reputation, still Yunnan Military occasion, Mr. Bai Hua talent let me admiration. Mr. Bai Hua participated in the liberation war on the People's Liberation Army, and since then it began to publish literary works. Since the founding of New China, his own war and guarding the frontier rich life experience, created a lot of good literature, studied poetry, novels, plays, films, essays and children's literature writing, publishing a lot and loved by readers works with a broad social impact,
Mr. Bai Hua long masses of all ethnic groups in Yunnan frontier living, the minority language learning folk literature, folklore theme in minority writing novels and poetry, so his work is full of romanticism and idealism temperament, full of poetic, full of the legend. In simple language and beautiful, gorgeous and moving.
The good news is that Mr. Bai Hua has creative passion as ever, pen abled health gratifying. The "Literary newspaper" and the Oriental Publishing Center, Yunnan People's Publishing House, Nanjing Normal University Press joint seminar open to Birch's latest book, is Mr. Bai Hua eighty best birthday gift, but also to the old literary writer Achievement best judge.
Birch is a poet with excellent talent, a sincere and patriotic writer, dramatist situation, a record of the times. He was "alive and paying attention, the sober and painfully alive," he sang sweet songs of spring, to the bitter winter long sung the song, sang carols for heroic patriots; he knows rushing rivers, creeks and rolling, feeling draw grass breeding, leaves and flowers bloom whisper. He praises the freedom to study good and evil, ignorance and lethargy flogging, keen and sharp, emotional and philosophical blending. He put love as sacred beliefs, convinced that "free will stretch that fly", looking forward to the elegy into a song, darkness becomes light. He gave literary inject ideas, to infuse spiritual core of poetry, fiction, and to bring the spirit of high drama, the truth on their own immortal works of the era Emotion biography. Zhuo Luo reading his personality, strength of character clank of long or short sentences, we hear hui died of septicemia in his life, soul crooning, hear "That hill poor water complex care, / That tore thoughts, / That like language silent pain, / That Shanbengdelie cry. " Screenshot pull out the odd reading his show, Xilinx burst, full of fun colors for wisdom, like "dolphin small crystal drops, / among the foliage too quiet to flash;/ pure body transparent, / start singing with his life ", we bid farewell to the haze of emotions, enjoy music born of joy, heart children toward high altitude - a better world soaring, soaring......
Seminar Testimonials
The right one for writers birch "I did not participate in this grand seminar, many years, I was like a hinterland edge of the trees, always in the mist, and even their foliage is what color are invisible and some care about me readers said to me: 'I'm always looking for you, and ultimately always find you through a familiar and some unfamiliar voice.' Yes, writers and readers are linked by language writing from the beginning when I played., learned to talk to the reader as clearly as possible, cry or whispered softly due Hardships years, the opportunity to study more than war, military Kongzong;.. "peaceful" period, criticize me and all China rectification. like everyone else, I was born on the "position", naturally inherited a large accumulated over thousands of years before the valuable heritage from Songs to Chu, Tang, Song, Yuan, together with all ethnic groups in the middle live, love and be loved, the learned babbling, and then to understand the beauty of Chinese language, as well as its emotional and delicate, which is the world's many ethnic groups have no blessing to enjoy, of course, there are many people today being away from it, or even subvert it and I always sacred it valuable it. Logically, I have such a wide, ornate staircase, should have boarded the 'list of small hills' realm, but because of my dull and shallow, as well as contemporary historical process of strong noise, so I'm actually leaving poetry for years and even literature is far, far away and once I got rid of the noise and stop parroting trying outspoken in his later years with the elderly and children mature sober convey their hearts flutter array, but was regarded as ghosts, finally under the care of the readers, this should be the ultimate hold on sanity. still an old saying goes, 'desire is just,' Unfortunately, time is not home, Love is gone. etc. I understand that, and as many companion soulmate when it later and I really hope to return to childhood, learning to walk again, but this is just a daydream dementia. sincerely look forward to a friend their criticism and advice, I think, with "thank you" word can not express my feelings, but the language is so poor, or use the 'thank you'. "
I never want to be a winner,
Willing to do a love and be loved;
I am not, and never wanted to become a rival who,
And because I do not want to give anything to grab.
I actually become strong in the eyes of others,
A misunderstanding! There Strait so deep!
I just always stand together many of the silent,
Involuntarily sing a few songs.
Sometimes, there will spit out a sigh,
Unexpectedly, there are stormy sighs echo!
I'll be tempted to groan in pain while pouring,
As a result of love and be loved and tits generally sing;
The source is so painful,
Must use their hands to cut off his own voice.
- Birch

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