唐代 List of Authors
Li LongJiLi ShiminLi ZhiLi XianLi Dan
Li HengLi KuoLi AngLi ChenLi Ye
Li YuLi YuanLi ChongmaoLi SongLi Chun
Li HengLi ZhanLi ChanLi CuiLi Xuan
Tang AidiShen FaxingLi ZitongLiu HeitaWang Masha

Li Xuan 唐代  (862 AD888 AD)
Web/Pen/Nick Name: 惠圣恭定孝皇帝
Temple Name: 僖宗
Tomb: 靖陵
Reign873 AD888 AD
乾符November, 874 ADDecember, 879 AD
广明January, 880 ADJuly, 881 AD
中和July, 881 ADMarch, 885 AD
光启March, 885 ADJanuary, 888 AD
文德February, 888 ADDecember, 888 AD
  Xi came to the throne were succulent when still a child, the natural lack of the necessary governance capacity, political affairs dispose of all listen to the mouth by the eunuchs - they spent a long established and young, have no choice Yizong backers, the eldest son of the 12-year-old prince had about this consideration. Xi reign were the most trusted eunuch is Tian Ling Zi. Xi Tian Ling Zi cases of childhood to take care of the living, emotionally it is a bit dependent, and called Tian Ling Zi as "A Fu", ascended the throne after his appointment did Shence Jun lieutenant. Thus, Xi were almost all major policy decisions toward control in the field Lingzi hands.
  Officials demanding a hard it is. Private debt levy wins, two hard it is. Tax range, three hard it is. Run by begging grabbing four hard it is. For poor families who fled the five hard it is. Injustice is not reasonable, not flexor stretch, six hard it is. Frozen without clothes, hungry without food, seven hard it is. Medical illness can not die from the funeral, eight hard it is.
  Yun-Zhang said: "People go without a return of five, eight hard without a laugh without breaking a state-owned nine percent, plus official corruption, perverting the law, so that the common people, crying in the road, fleeing the Shanze. Husband and wife not with live, his son does not is extended. people are seek redress complaints, suffer no place to apply. their way out then? "
  Huang Chao intifada, counties fool superior, the court I do not know the truth. Around the squad at a military commissioner to seek to protect themselves, sit back and wait and see, so the rebels rapid development. Later, Huang Chao led his troops south to attack east of Zhejiang, Fujian, broke into open mountain 700 years, captured in Guangzhou, and then return in triumph north grams Tanzhou, under the Gangneung, straight into the Central Plains. Xi were Although the situation is very tense, but did not stop to enjoy themselves, even in his preparations for the escape appointed Chang Nan Road, Jiedushi Jiannan and, unexpectedly winning or losing a bet with a way to fight the decision polo candidates. Guang Ming Dynasty (880) November, as Tang Junshi demoralized, so very high parallel force of repression, Huang Chao captured rebels Luoyang, in December, easily won the Tongguan approximation Chang. Xi were helpless monarch and his subjects, relative to cry, for fear of carrying the prime minister Lu suicide. Rate of 500 Shence Jun Tian Ling Zi Xi cases and a few hastily led the imperial clan to flee the capital of Wales, first fled to Shannan (Hanzhong), they fled to Sichuan. Xi were later to become a refuge to flee reign of the emperor in Sichuan. Luo Yin Tang poet, a "lucky emperor of Shu" Poetry for being to: "Ma Wei Yan Liu are reluctant to part, see Xing Shu imperial carriage return. Izumishita A Man should have language, this time off is more injustice Yang Fei." (" A Man "is the Sacrifice pet name.) called" Qin Fu Yin scholar "of the late Tang Chin Wei Zhuang" Beginning Day as "the same with this mood:" Seventh Son of Heaven to dust, Yu Liu Wuqing still spring. today is not related Concubine something short and art to live up to Ma Wei people. "
  Huang Chao Jin Soon Chang, a large number of Qi Jianguo, reign payment system. And Xi in the Sichuan avoid a full 4 years.
  KPS first year (885) were from Sichuan in the first month of Xi leave in March to return to Chang'an. Cry a few years not had time to stabilize, in turn faced new turmoil. Something like this: Xi Tian Ling Zi were specially trusted eunuch from the river due to an attempt to re-Rong Wang Jiedushi the hands of profit-winning lake salt with enemies and field will be co-Bin Zhu Mei and Fung Cheung Ning Jiedushi Jiedushi to Wang Fu Li Chang Jung war. Wang heavy cases and in five years (885) March for help in Taiyuan Li Ke Rong is used, two joint defeated Zhu Mei and Li Chang Fu, press on Chang'an. Shence Jun collapsibility, Tian Ling Zi Xi were helpless once again lead the first year in December at KPS fled to Fengxiang (now Shaanxi Baoji). Huang Chao occupied Chang'an, the Miyagi well-preserved architecture, while the soldiers and horses to enter the Zhudao Chang, burning and looting, the palace workshops in 10 persons being set fire to six or seven, "palace depression, JU for the Mau Tso." At this point, local military commissioner of the eunuchs Tian Ling Zi in power very unhappy, a lot of people to attack targeting a field Lingzi. Zhu Xi Mei wanted to hijack cases were due to Tian Ling Zi Xi hostage escaped from the big San Guan Xing Yuan (now Hanzhong) but did not succeed, it will not run away due to illness of King Xiang Li Wen Chang established as a hostage to the puppet emperor, reign title "Building Chen. " Xi were the title of "King Shengdi too Lantern" is actually overlord. Years when the KPS (886) October (some say May).
  After such repeated struggles, Xi body were also collapsed. KPS four years (888) in February, the patient again in the Xi were finally returned to Chang'an, the Imperial Ancestral Temple paid respects after the amnesty was held, reign title, "Bonaventure." March 3, Xi were too "violent illness," Bonaventure first year (888) March 6, 27-year-old Xi were displaced after finally passed away. Fortunately, several times while he was fleeing the capital, Chang'an palace is in the house Jiabeng of morality, and in December that year was buried in the Jing Ling (in this dry county in Shaanxi).
  Lee Sheng Yi Wang
  Yongping princess, mother unknown.
  AD 873, the eunuch Liu rows deep, and Korean Tang Yizong about killing his eldest son, the crown prince Li Li Xuan. Tang Yizong collapse the same year, Li Xuan throne.
  AD 880, under the attack of the intifada in the Huang Chao and Li Xuan had to southern escape Sichuan, and in 881 AD, arrived in Chengdu.
  AD 888, Li Xuan return to Chang'an, the military ethics Hall Jiabeng.

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