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Li LongJi 唐代  盛唐(685 AD762 AD)
Web/Pen/Nick Name: 至道大圣大明孝皇帝
Temple Name: 玄宗
Tomb: 泰陵
Reign712 AD756 AD
先天August, 712 ADNovember, 713 AD
开元December, 713 ADDecember, 741 AD
天宝January, 742 ADJuly, 756 AD
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  Emperor Li Longji. Shido Story Xiao Ming dynasty emperor
  Emperor, also known as the Tang emperor, Li Dan Tang Yejong third son. Rebellion was put down due to stand for the Webster Prince, extension, and the first year of reign. Kaiyuan, social stability, clean politics, unprecedented economic prosperity, the Tang Dynasty into the peak, called the period after the Golden Age Kaiyuan. The late Emperor, his hedonistic, favor both with Li Linfu such a traitor, eventually led to the Rebellion took place, the Tang Dynasty began to decline. AD 712 to 756 years in office, the reign of 44 years.
  Empress Wu Li Longji was born just a Queen to do when in power, he as a child experienced a complicated court misfortune, perhaps prompted him to form a strong-willed character. He was a boy on the great ambition, in the palace self-proclaimed "A hiding", though not in power, Vu Thi ethnic value, but his every word and deed is still very assertive.
  In his year-old that year, a sacrificial ceremony was held in Chodo, then Kingo General (in charge of guarding the capital, General) Wu Yizong yelled attendants escort, Li Longji immediately glared, shouted: "Here is my Lee's Chodo, dry anything for you?! dare this lecture knight guarding my house! "Wu Yizong looked at the confused child of stunned. Empress Wu was informed, not only do not blame Li Longji, but this little blog on equipment plus high-grandson likes. The second year, are called Linzi Dukes Li Longji.
  Empress Wu in the grandmother's death, in cases of weak and incompetent, the results fell into the affairs of state power and Anle Gong Wei master hand of the Queen, the original hero coup to restore the Tang Dynasty, prime minister of Cambodia Zhang was deported them Demotion, Prince Edward LI Chong-jun were killed. Queen Empress Wu Wei follow the original practice, so that my brother Wen Wei to power, the daughter of An Legong illegal sale of public nor the Lord to stop, a large increase connivance. In AD 710, were finally died in the Queen and Anle Gong Wei hands of the Lord was their conspiracy poisoning. Then, he wanted to learn mother Empress Wu Wei Queen, the Queen made the second.
  Empress Wei did not wait for hands, has been quietly observing the time-varying Li Longji and aunt Princess Taiping will be the first to launch a mutiny, led the capture of the palace Guards thousand people, the empress Wei faction wiped them out. Then re-ascended the throne by the Yejong Li Dan, Li Longji has been established as a result of Prince Gong.
  But his father also, and in cases of Li Dan, like a weak emperor, do not want a confrontation and the Pacific Princess, always patient. The Princess Taiping is considered to be the emperor himself gave him the chance, great credit, she mastered the affairs of state power. With its powerful forces, Pacific Princess also inflated ambition and imagination, as is also doing the Queen Mother.
  Princess Taiping's main rival is the crown prince Li Longji, began her not looked down on him, that he was still young, but later learned the heroic decisive Li Longji after the start against him. She said public opinion, not the eldest son of Li Longji, not qualified to be Prince, but can not inherit the throne. Princess Taiping was intended to abolish the crown prince Li Longji identity, as do female emperor himself open later.
  To AD 712, Yejong tired of doing the emperor's life, the throne vacate his son Li Longji, but still control the political affairs of the Pacific Princess power: Mishina court appointment and removal power over officials and military and political affairs of the decision. Yejong demise exacerbated the contradictions between Li Longji and Pacific Princess. Both sides in the reserve force, ready to get rid of each other.
  In the year 713 of July 3, Emperor Li Longji decisively down the first hand, personally led the troops and horses get rid of the Pacific Princess and the backbone of dozens of her hands, will tend to dismiss from office all officials of the Princess Taiping deposed. Emperor finally mastered the power of the emperor should be. That year, Emperor into the Kaiyuan reign, that his make every effort to scale new Tang Zhaowei industry determination.
  Although the Princess Taiping Emperor clear after the final consolidation of the imperial power, but the situation was not optimistic: mutiny court vitality greatly hurt, officials in chaos, corruption urgent treatment. Therefore, the Emperor said to be only the amount of any government, the prime minister, who promoted the elite. In this regard, there are still horses Emperor vision. Such as the famous prime minister Yao Chong, Song Jing, ling Emperor during the prime minister are well-known minister.
  Yao Chong act decisively, because he made 10 recommendations to the Emperor was regarded highly, made prime minister. 10 recommendations, including a side not to corrupt power, airing, reward integrity minister, must not allow royal dictatorship, must not allow eunuchs, etc., Emperor basically implemented in accordance with the recommendations of Yao Chong.
  The royal, Yaochong not to care. Xue was Wang's uncle Wang Lee Fairchild oppress the people, doing evil, Yao Chong petitioned reign approval to punish the king of Fairchild.
  Yaochong also presided over the inception of the early years of the locust's governance. At that time in the north and south of the Yellow River have undergone a serious plague of locusts, grasshoppers fly crowded in upon, damage to crops great. Yao Chong know in time if not eradicate locusts will not only lead to a significant economic loss and the people of the disaster, but also vital for national stability. His personal command, ordered the county to go all out to destroy locusts, to reward meritorious. In his energetic efforts of the locust did not continue spreading quickly to stop living.
  Yao Chong followed by Song Jing, he attached great importance to the selection and appointment of talent, although he mastered affairs of state power, but he never bending, the opposite, their relatives Huan more stringent to ask. Once his distant uncle Super Song selection in time to participate in the Ministry of Personnel, to the interviewer that their special relationship and Song Jing, hoping to take care of, the extent to do some good guan'er. Jing Song, after being informed that the results, not only failed to intercede for him, but specially take care of the Ministry of Personnel officials do not give him.
  Ling is Cantonese, then known as the Guangdong Lingnan, not a developed area, crime, people are often exiled there, as a punishment. Therefore, people's eyes, there is a desolate, inhospitable places. Was born in Guangdong in the official DPRK because of the very few ancient, so hard for people out there to do the prime minister of DPRK-China such a high official. But ling is superior by virtue of their talent was Xuanzong phase.
  Ling in the prime minister, later, as the reign as the moral value of people and talent, not the value of their background. Officials in the Ministry of Personnel involved in the selection, he always said that just before the election, the amount was used. At the same time, the reign of the fault, and he promptly pointed out to remonstrate, not because the reign of himself helping his career to hide the truth.
  Emperor not only identify what Xian Xiang, also carried out on the Official remediation, to improve bureaucratic efficiency. He has taken many effective measures, first, the streamlining, reduction of redundant officials, the Empress Wu of many useless since all officials in the abolition, not only improves efficiency but also save government expenditure. Second, establish a strict examination system, strengthen the management of local officials. October of each year and sent around the provincial judge to inspect the people, censure law officials, severe punishment. Third, the new prime minister will attend the meeting remonstrant and historian of the system is restored. This is a system during the Tang, Expostulation and historian for the discussion of state affairs and supervise affairs of state. To the Empress Wu in power, the promotion of the Xujing Zong and Li Yifu, who the prime minister, and some things did not dare to open, so the system will be also abolished. Fourth, the importance of the appointment and removal of the magistrate. Emperor that the county officials in the forefront of national governance, and to deal directly with the people, represents the image of the country. Therefore, the magistrate personally reign often question their assessment, the precise understanding of the magistrate is not really competent. If the test quality can be promoted immediately, if unworthy of the name, will be deposed soon.
  Emperor Use of Personnel, reward and punishment, and competent and decisive, this is his main reason to create a New Century Golden Age.
  Emperor not only for effective management of internal affairs for the border have also been effective governance, the original wins again lost territory back.
  Early before the Emperor ascended the throne, the northern border is perilous. Empress Wu did the emperor in the early stages of AD 686 (Long live the first year of Babel), Khitan Lee loyal use of the then ethnic conflicts, inciting rebellion under the Ministry of the Tang dynasty, and captured the camp states. Empress Wu troops counterattack, which ended in failure. Since then, in the year 703, the Anxi region of broken leaves town was captured Turks, resulting in the Silk Road was last cut off, severely affected the reputation of the Tang Dynasty, the economy and foreign trade.
  Northern Territory have been unified in the early years of the Tang Dynasty, and set up Chanyu, Pacify the North House, respectively, both within and outside the jurisdiction of the Great Wall to the vast area of Lake Baikal. To do the emperor and Empress Wu ruled period, Turks often harassed the border, also captured the luxuriant (now Hebei Yuxian) and Dingzhou (now Henan province), forced the Tang Dynasty, will be North Dohobu south.
  In order to re-unify the north, Emperor has taken many measures to prepare for the recovery of the northern territories. This is mainly carried out for the Military System Reform. Since the original Fubing Surroundings, which has led farmers to flee, affecting the army's manpower. During Zong and Empress Wu, the military not paid much attention to the Emperor, became emperor, the soldiers escape is extremely serious, the military combat is very low, and the powerful can not resist the Turkish army.
  In AD 723, that is, eleven years Kaiyuan, Zhang Emperor accepted the prime minister said the reforms advocated the establishment of mercenaries. Related to the non-commissioned officers recruited from within the 12 million people, to act as guards, which is "long from the Old Guard," also known as "Long athletes", the reform is to mercenaries from Fubing change in the system. After ten years of effort since then, the system will be extended to reign the country. Such a system so that the original Fu Bing turns to abolish the practice of border guards, lifted over the suffering of people to the border guards. At the same time, this mercenary has also focused on training to improve combat effectiveness provided a guarantee.
  In addition to the military system reform, the Emperor has taken a whole lot of other military measures, such as the promulgation of the "training Chao," the military command northwest town of expansion of military forces to enhance training. Meanwhile, the appointment of Taipu Qing Wang Chung Mao was busy inside and outside the stable so that, fully responsible for the supply of military horses, which makes the shortage of horses in a timely manner has been added to enhance the combat effectiveness. In addition, in order to solve the issue of rations, reign also ordered to expand the scope of Farming in the northwest and north of the Yellow River develop Farming, increase food production.
  In well prepared, the Tang Dynasty and gradually recovered to Camp Prefecture, the Great Wall north of the Uighur and other ethnic separatism also canceled an independent title, re-join themselves to the Tang Dynasty. Pacify the North House also restored the Tang Dynasty Great Wall north of the land re-exercise of jurisdiction.
  Western Regional Authorities of the restoration of two stages, the first phase of the recovery of the broken leaves town, the second stage is the restoration of the Silk Road. Tang's prestige in the Western re-established.
  In order to increase the country's income, combating land grabbing, hide the Despotic, Emperor launched a campaign check field consists of households. Powerful time after the occupation of the land of farmers, known as the "membership field outside", they will flee into their own households "Si", both in land and population to evade state taxes.
  Between AD 712-725, Emperor of the inspection field include households received a practical exercise. He appointed a national follow-Rong Tian persuade farmers to consist of 10 and advised farmers to persuade farmers to judge, assigned to the land over to check to conceal and cover up for farmers. Then check out the land to be confiscated, while the cultivation of these lands to the farmers. For concealed households are registered. This way, the year the increase in customers as much money as high as several million.
  Through these effective measures, the Tang Emperor to make it into the formal economy, to reduce the burden on farmers, but also increased the state revenues, and promoting national economic prosperity.
  Although the early years of Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty was not banned, but the development of Confucianism and Taoism by the restrictions, especially on the promotion of Taoism, Buddhism makes the supreme status of the development is not achieved. But by the time Empress Wu, in order to blow up from the religion named Li, Empress Wu took connivance of Buddhism, which allows the rapid development of Buddhism. All states in the country have the basic Buddhist monasteries. Monks, not only in countries harboring connivance of annexation of land, also try to avoid state taxes. Significant increase in the number of monks so that the state assume the number of taxes and compulsory labor has decreased, affecting the country's income.
  In Kaiyuan years, Emperor ordered the reduction of the number of the country's monks and nuns, monks and nuns to flee the country last to reach as many as 12,000 people. Then, reign ordered to prohibit new temple reconstruction, prohibition of casting statues, Buddhist prohibition of private copies. The exchanges between officials and Buddhist monks and nuns were prohibited, which makes the period of Buddhism in the reign had been a serious blow.
  Emperor of a series of effective measures to make the Tang Dynasty, the political, economic, and cultural have been a new development, more than his ancestor Tang, creating a strong boom in Chinese history, immortalized in the "Golden Age Kaiyuan".
  Created a Golden Age, the Emperor gradually began to meet, and indulge in pleasure all the time. Without the spirit of the previous make every effort, no reform of the economy to wind up. Ling integrity of the prime minister, who has been dismissed from office, villain Li Linfu climbed phase. Li Linfu after illness, but also the Huang power, resulting in a more dark and political.
  The Emperor Li Linfu best at the meaning of speculation, in the year 736, the Emperor would like to return from Luoyang Chang'an, but the prime minister, who said ling harvest is not over, this road will harass the people, affecting production. Lilin Fu ling left Quedui the Emperor said, Chang'an and Luoyang is the Majesty of the Orient House and Nishinomiya, when His Majesty willing to travel on when to travel, do not wait for later, as to impede the harvest of farmers, their tax-free line also has .
  Xuanzong very happy according to the Bank account. Later, Lilin Fu ling on false charges, and others looking for the opportunity finally to Emperor of these outspoken prime minister was dismissed from office, he dominated the affairs of state. Lilin Fu came to power, those who do not obey him, and he does not stand to be trying to trap people. Li Linfu elite jealous person, mouth to say a good listen, his heart was serpent. Therefore, people privately that he is "I have honey, belly with sword."
  736 AD, the Emperor's favorite concubine Wu Huifei dead, reign spook night. Heard that he and Li Mao Wu Huifei son, the concubine Yang Shou Wang exquisite beauty, gorgeous unparalleled, so regardless of what etiquette, will he move the palace, the Yang Fei understand temperament, very smart, but also good at singing and dancing, it may reign favor .
  In order to cover up his daughter won the ugly, the palace of Emperor to Yang Fei their request to do female officer, admitted to Nangong, and he gave numbers too true. In order to comfort his son Shou Wang, Emperor married a concubine and gave him as compensation.
  The feudal period ethical values do not come out after the Southern Song Dynasty Zhu Xi less stringent, though the concept of inequality between men and women, but the concept of female chastity and remarriage and so is relatively tolerant of the feudal social oppression of women after the Yuan Dynasty Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. Queen Empress Wu reason can do, and then the social psychology of this tolerance are, therefore, to the Qing Dynasty, also held the state power of the Empress Dowager Cixi, said the Queen would not dare, and the social role of public opinion and social psychology is very important one reason.
  Later, Emperor Yang Fei as the Royal seal, which is the history of the famous Imperial Concubine Yang. Royal's status after the Queen, but this time there is no queen, so Concubine Yang is actually the Queen of the Emperor. Reign of her sound like Grace, also praised her own "language of flowers Solutions." Love with the relationship with Yang Yuhuan, Young family started Apprentice. Therefore, when as much a folk want a girl baby, the future glory of the family palace concubine idea to do.
  In order to discuss Royal's favor, Emperor can be described as strenuous effort. In order to meet her favorite clothing psychology, there are specialized services to 700 people for the concubine to her clothes. To make her eat like lychee, reign also ordered the opening up thousands of miles from the South to the Chang-Gong Road, Lai Chi timely manner in order to quickly transported to Chang'an with the horse, because within five days off become lychee taste. The Concubine Yang was born in the South, like to eat this kind of thing.
  With Yang Yuhuan, Emperor Sheng luxury style more and more, ministers, nobles, imperial clan to curry favor with the emperor, cast concubine likes the results so she was pleased the people have got a promotion, which in turn stimulates more bureaucratic elite fawn ingratiation, offering delicious food fight, Rare Jewelry.
  Under the influence of the sister's relationship, the Huang brothers have a meteoric rise, asking for the moon, cook the Tang dynasty prime minister. Concubine Yang of the sisters have also been benefits: Sister labeled Ms. Han Guo, sister sealed the Lady of Guo State, Third Sister labeled Ms. Qin Guo. Feng Shang other brother also do senior officials in the DPRK. Unparalleled power of the Huang, brother and sister for glory in the future foreshadowed the tragic ending.
  In the Huang in power, the entire Tang Dynasty, the confusion up, can be said that while the decline of the Tang Dynasty have turned to Emperor's fault, but especially the Huang Yang Shi Xiongmei this brother did not play a positive role, he's doing evil, there is no bring good luck to her sister, but the sister brought a no return. Beauty is not a sin, but it is a beautiful cause.
  In the Huang of the hoodwink, the first is the political affairs of the confusion. In the disaster caused by heavy rains, the reign asked the disaster, the Huang Su was carrying a large ears of corn were to reign see that rain did not affect the harvest. Below some officials reported the situation and request assistance, he was furious and ordered the judiciary to punish. The Huang abilities, but like dealing with affairs of state at random, get down to business done, bad things are very good at taking bribes, cliques, etc. applications with ease.
  Affairs of state affected the country's economic chaos. Surroundings collapse during this period, tax drastically reduced, but the court but because of the cost of luxury reign and Yang Yuhuan gradually increased, the Treasury make ends meet. Political corruption also affected the military's combat effectiveness, because the recruitment of soldiers are the only rogue. These were launched in the later reign has not won a victory in the war, instead of incurring more losses.
  Reign for the crisis in the Tang Dynasty did not even notice, but a series of wars launched from outside. Political corruption and darkness, affect the generals Tangong seeking official desire. In order to provoke a war, and by the reward meritorious service in the war, official promotion into the Jazz, border town, a lot of general wanton provocation, making the border war continued, reign in the militants is fueling this. Turmoil of the early frontier has been broken, and eventually led to the Rebellion, Tang debilitating.
  First, the relationship between the deterioration in the west and Tibet, after the inter-war casualties, damage to the traditionally good relations of harmony. Second, Nanzhao southwest. As the generals of the arrogant and overbearing border, resulting in the escalating conflict in the calm, the results Tang Nanzhao conscription and war. Have died, over 200,000 dead in the Tang Zhaobing many
  Li Longji (685-762), that Emperor, the Bank said the Tang emperor. Xuanzong good command of music, good poetry calligraphy. He has been advocating through surgery, renounce flashy, attention to the reform style of study. An emperor, the emperor even more with the right to be called political, rustic style of the Tang Dynasty played a role in the formation.
  Attachment: Emperor's musical talent and contribution
  Li Longji loves music. 6-year-old could sing and dance to reveal the music qualification. Fuchu from the store when the young scattered music one to myself and others. He specializes in a variety of musical instruments such as pipa, flute, etc. Jiegu especially superb playing skills. He made the Tang Dynasty's system of several major reforms and restructuring, the original nine music, 10 music for the Sitting and Standing Kabuki, promote development and enhance the music; he set up opera, expand teaching workshops, trained a lot of good music artists; absorb and accommodate foreign music, to promote folk music, resulting in an unprecedented Tang Dynasty style.
  Half of the 8th century, the world music coverage, Li Longji called a few composers. Tang Nanzhuo "Jiegu recorded," said he, "if the production of lyrics, with music and tries to establish chapters are not degrees, take appropriate short and long, are to be scattered sound, all the mid-point shot." Participation of his life writing music many, mostly instrumental solo, ensemble and large dance song. Works from different sides, directly or indirectly reflected his political career and rise and fall of the Tang Dynasty from prosperity to the historical features. Disappearing his works have been lost. According to historical records, these works are mostly in the 710 years after his completion of its creation, and it is in the Tang Dynasty to the Tang turning point.
  Li Longji yearning for more advanced. The recall was later praised maweipo trip, "Yue Ling Ling", miss Xianxiang ling "Immortal resentment," or refer to historical data for the reign of their home-made, or that the musicians were ordered and made, with Li Longji chair about.
  Emperor chronology of literature
  Tang days Chuigong first year (685)-year-old
  Born in Luoyang, August 5. Yejong Li Dan the third son of Queen Mother Zhao Chengshun St. Doushi. Li Dan, "Wen Christine eager to learn, through annotations and training, industrial grass official script'', Doushi well-born.
  Chuigong years (686 years) old
  First month, the Empress Wu of government to Yejong edict, not by.
  In February, so please book Silla, is giving.
  March, Empress Wu played with copper bowl by the density, density of the wind effect.
  April, casting a large instrument, and placing the North tie down.
  June, Suliang Si, Wei Wei Wenchang price to be around with, with the Phoenix Court Luan Taiwan Mishina.
  In September, to Di Renjie Wei Dongguan assistant minister.
  Chuigong three years (687 years) aged
  Run the first month, labeled the king.
  In May, killing Liu of
  July, Turk Kou Shuozhou, laid off more than Li Zuo destructible.
  In November, stop the system censor jianjun. The great famine of the world this year, particularly in Shandong Guanzhong
  Chuigong four years (688 years) old
  Qian Yuan Temple destroyed in February, do Mingtang to Xuehuai Yi To, where tens of thousands of people served.
  In May, plus Our Lady of God Emperor Empress Wu.
  In June, played the waste Di Renjie Temple prostitution.
  August, Wang Clan Li Chong, king of Yue Li Zhen raised his army failed to seek Kuangfu Tang Shi died.
  In September, Royal Empress Wu Tang big kill.
  December, Ming Tang Cheng, No. Vientiane Shrine.
  Yongchang first year (689 years) old
  In September, twice a crusade against the Turkish removal Xuehuai Yi, were defeated
  In November, beginning with the Zhou Zheng. Empress Wu from the name of Zhao, Chao for the system to change, in addition to Tang Shi is a nationality.
  Zhou Tianshou first year (690)-year-old
  The first month, Wu Chengsi, Cen Changqian left and right phase, with the Phoenix Court Luan Taiwan Mishina
  February, Gongshi policy in Los Angeles Temple, and successful candidates from the beginning.
  July, awarded salmonella essays, so that states were building large Yun Temple.
  In August, a large kill Tang imperial clan.
  In September, changing the country for the week, reign title Tianshou to Yu Wang Li Dan was Huangsi, surname Wu, Feng Vu Thi Dukes is king.
  Tianshou years (691 years) old
  April, so Buddhism Taoism ago, Taoist monks and nuns in the front. July moved within the Yong Guan, the same seven million people in the state of Luoyang.
  August, Di Renjie as phase.
  October, so the bootstrap system Husband salt.
  Ideal first year (692 years) old
  Longevity years (693 years) old
  The first month, Huang Si-fei Liu, Defeidoushi (Li Longji mother), was Empress Wu stab in the back, acne on the palace, where ah uncomfortable
  In December, down labeled Nyingchi king.
  Extension contains the first year (695 years) old
  The first month, Paul Benedict bone Turkic Khan died, and his son, his little brother Mochuai self-Khan, Kou Ling Chau. March to discuss Mochuai Xuehuai Yi and other 18 generals, defeated. Manichaeism into China this year began.
  Card the first year St. (695) 11-year-old
  Long live the days of books in February, Xue Huaiyi killed.
  April, big week 10 000 Chung Cheng Tak-day hub.
  Long live the first year of Babel (696) 12-year-old
  Long live the Dengfeng September, Tibet, and requested the states were so close to home Shandong Wu soldiers riding group
  Department of prisoners and Shishu make the world who brave slaves, the official compensation of its value, made to attack the Khitan.
  October, fell to Jizhou Khitan
  Magic the first year (697) 13-year-old
  April, cast Jiuding, share its copper 560 000 zero hundred pounds.
  San calendar year (698) 14-year-old
  March, the state called Luling Wang Zhe at room
  San calendar years (699 years) 15 years old
  In July, Prince Li Xian Empress Wu that, with Wang Li Dan and Liang Wangwu think twice, and so King of Wu You only swear at Joss House
  Long as the first year (700 years) 16 years old
  Run in July, Tang Jing break off Tibet.
  October, crane control of lead supervisor Zhang Yi Song Bart palace paternity rich feast with Bo.
  Dazu first year (701) 17-year-old
  Chang first year
  October, Empress Wu also Chang, Chi house in Xingqing Square, also lived with five brothers, known as the five wangzhai
  Chang years (702) 18-year-old
  The first month, preliminary design Martial
  In December, the North Pavilion is home nursing state government in court
  Chang'an three years (703) 19-year-old
  April, Tibet sent envoys offering horse 1000, gold 2200 marriage proposal
  Chang four years (704 years) two-year-old
  History contains Longji "Miriam Fan Weili, a very table." Calendar Umori Lang Jiang Feng Yu Shang chariot.
  Shenlong first year (705) 21-year-old
  First month, the Empress Wu ill, the Cambodian prime minister Zhang, Cui Xuan Wei and Shang Taiwan You Cheng Jing Hui, Huan Yan Fan Shaoqing Criminal Division, with Yuan Shu had other Sima palace owned by Prince Li Xian as Emperor of
  YAO out for the provincial governor Bozhou.
  In May, the Cambodia Zhang Feng Cui Xuan-wei Huan Yan Fan, Jing-Hui, Yuan Shu had been king, stop all known political affairs, North Korea normalization Wu, Wei.
  June, Henan, Hebei, 18 state flood.
  November, 82 years, Empress Wu collapse. 6.15 million households this year, 37.14 million total population.
  Dragon years (706) 20 year-old
  Run the first month, peace, happiness and so the princess, and open government home Guan Zhu. Jing Hui, Huan Yan Fan, Yuan Shu has been out for the slippery, Luo, Yu-three prefectural governor.
  March, it Zuoqian King Fai, Choi Hyun-wei Yan Huan Fan, Yuan Shu had as Long, are, Bo, Yingzhoucishi.
  Members of a large home where two thousand people outside the government. More than 700 officers by the steers over.
  April Huangmenshilang degrade the calibration Pui Jing Song prefectural governor.
  December, Turk Ru Kou Ling, the original will be tens of thousands of state plunder wrangler.
  In July, King Hui, long stream of Lingnan, rotating system of murder by Wu Sansi Qianren correction.
  King Dragon three years (710) 20-year-old
  September, Pacific Princess, An Legong main cliques each tree, in the case of patients.
  Winter this year, in the southern suburbs Zongsi, Takamoto from Luzhou into Beijing to attend the ceremony. Libi, complex home Chang'an. More so when the royal family, Takamoto Changyinsha people in to help lead material.
  King Wan first year (710) 20-year-old
  The first month, went to Tibet married Princess Jincheng.
  Jun, Wei An Legong after the main poison in the case, Wei said after the Powerbut system, reign title Donlon. Li Chung-mao emperor, in 16 to Dukes wetwun keep the total raised within and outside the soldiers and horses to know something. Wei intended to usurp the throne after time. Avoid phase of deep and Princess Taiping Wang Tan. An Legong closely with owners, Wei Wen and private party were Chuke, Wu Yanxiu addition of such plan. Linzi Longji Wang Princess is a child with the Pacific Princess, and Jane Wei Wei Chong Xue Qing, Fan Zhong Shao, director of Beijing, the former chaoyi Wei Liu quiet demand, the government conciliation, Lee Yan Ma Wei Si purging of the party were so plotted. Wan Qi Guoyi Ge Fushun, Chenxuan Li, Li Xian rabbit h ave participation in a conspiracy.
  Boxer night, Lungi 700 after killing Wei, An Legong main, were Chu Ke, Wei Wen and so on.
  July to Los Zhouchang Shi Song too calibration Ministry of Personnel in the books with the Book of subglottic Mishina.
  In August, thousands of people in official strike oblique.
  From the beginning of this year. Gradually set up around the Salt Pond on, grain transportation, rent-yung, accounts and other Ambassadors.
  October. Pacific Princess Prince Hidetake bogey. For a long time has been fixed right, emblem fabric rumors, said: "Prince of non-long, improper legislation." Prince has sent reconnaissance activities, micromanager Yejong tip.
  King Wan years (711) 20-year-old
  The first month. Taipu Qing Yuan Zhen Ren Na, the assistant minister Zhang said the book well with the level. Things. Because the main frame-up of public peace, Prince, Song Jing and Yao Yuan's proposal to move out of the East Pacific Princess all. Zhang said China proposed that Crown Prince to Du rumors. In February, so Princess Taiping Xiju puzhou. Prince supervise the country. Re inclined enclosure. Wan Qi and about Habayashi around the North gate Forces, so Ge Fushun command. April system, "where Prince Double Shijie take action." Jiedushi established early in the Hexi Corridor. May, please call Pacific Princess, Prince returned to Beijing, Yejong quasi-playing. June, 10 provincial judge setting.
  In November. The people have 20-year-old when Fu Bing, 50-year-old free.
  Tai Chi Dynasty (712) 20-year-old
  Extension and the first year of the first month, reign title Tai Chi
  Congenital first year in May, without delay and change
  In June. You state blame Sun Quan Xi big attack the Khitan. Tang Jun capsize.
  July, system Mass at Prince Edward Li Longji.
  August, Prince Takamoto emperor, or Emperor. Yejong respect to the overlord. Mishina addition to the above grant and Oibara government officials still depend on the Uehata. Reign title birth. Li Fei Wang empress. Zhang Wei Liu quiet seek and seek to Habayashi soldiers except Princess Taiping, secret words in the reign, reign agree. Zhang Wei was later leaked the plan to Shi Yu Shi Deng Guangbin, reign big club. A few days later. Department quiet seek Liu, Zhang wei Dengguang Bin exile. Kaiyuan reign (713) 20-year-old
  The first month, Fu Bing-five points to 20 soldiers, five-year-old free. In February. Enlightening the capital open the gates, day and night. Where more than a month. Zuo Shiyi Yantingzhijian. Nai Zhi. Yan Ting of the righteous person stabbed to declare Baiguan, Houshang of. In June, when the Pacific Princess trend without authorization by Uehata Allusions. Prime Minister seven. Four of its doors. Wen Wu Dachen half attached. Wang Kui, Zhang, Cui daily rate, etc. In addition to promoting the reign.
  July, Wei known ancient informants Princess Taiping rebellion fourth day will be in June. The day before. Xuanzong and Xue Wang industry, differences Wang Fan, Prime Minister Guoyuan Zhen, Long Wu, General Wang Mao Chung, house supervisor Jiang Jiao, yet by Feng Yu Shou-1, within a matter Gao Lishi, Guoyi Li Shoude so his troops, killed Xiao Zhizhong, Cen Xi, Dou Huaizhen suicide. On the 4th, overlord Hao: "Since this militarism in government and an emperor were punished." Taiping Princess Prince in the home. Early on the 9th, reward meritorious Guo Yuanzhen so. By Gao Lishi know chamberlain save trouble for the right doors of the prison general. Thereafter the Eunuch forces increased significantly. On the 15th to the Zhongshu Ling Zuo Cheng Zhang said.
  October, reign in Lishan parade. Israel does not allow the entire depreciation Bingbushangshu Guo Yuanzhen crime. Yao Yuan with the prefectural governor to the same in the books for the Bingbushangshu subglottic Mishina, YAO recommended 10 things. Kaiyuan reform as a political platform. In December. Kaiyuan reform. Shang Pu She was about to change the left and right prime minister. Central Secretariat to Ziwei province. Ha province to province yellow door. Sijung to prison. To YAO Ying emblem for the Order. Element of the first year to avoid. Complex name Chong. Zhang said that the text links for Prince. Derogatory with prefectural governor. Right Right BU shot, with the book Ha Mishina. Liuyouqiubian Taizaishaobao.
  Kaiyuan years (714 years) three-year-old
  The first month, in a long time off early. More hungry people lack, sent envoys to relief.沙汰 Buddhist monks and nuns two thousand people.
  March, Shu and Wei destroyed days after the day Street Shitai built.
  May, members of foreign officials try Xiba officer, official calibration.
  In June. To brother Song Wangcheng devices, sub-brother Shenwang Cheng Li, Wang Shouli as secluded from the brother outside the prefectural governor.
  July, promoting and frugal. Intrauterine destruction of gold and silver under the system of play, bead-Fairview. The following services do not have to make Empress Fairview bead. Ban cast Buddha, written by. Building Imperial palace. Qi Wang Fan, Xue Jing Wang industry of any provincial governor.
  August, who returned home selection Temple useless. Time attack Pro Tibet jump from side committed year after year.
  In September, so that the states often open repair method.
  In December. Li Ying Wang Si Qian second son (later changed to the book-young) as Prince. Ren Zhou Xuanqing this year, the Maritime Trade to Kofi Annan (the Customs). China Customs began. Home Longyou Key Periods ambassador, but also home Youzhou Key Periods investment strategy, guarding Ambassador.
  Inception three years (715) 31-year-old
  The first month. Mu-Song Jing banished royal doctor prefectural governor.
  In February. Sudden drop those two named Ao 10 thousand accounts.
  May, Shandong large locusts. Answer to not kill, Yao Tsung Censor Governor counties playing catch and removal of buried.
  September, horse Huai Su, Chu immeasurable to Shi Du.
  November, Zhang Xiaoqian the Western Regions, eight countries, including major food Qing Jiang. Cuizai Song and other violence, spin defeat.
  Inception four years (716) 30-year-old
  The first month, Sun Xin Wang Empress Mei Zhang, to private anger assault royal doctor Li Jie, reign decree killed in Chodo stick to Xiebai Guan. Key Periods and other kings led away to begin.
  May. Shandong large locust was underway. Yao Chong killing of another life.
  Xuanzong Tingshi magistrate. Back 45 people.
  In June. Yejong collapse, the annual 50-year-old. Rejected, with the Luo, Fen, Stubbs is also solid, solid 5 servants to drop.
  November, Yao Chong Jian Guangzhou have copies of his resignation from the generation of Jing Song.
  December, Song Jing Appointed official. A month. Stop 10 provincial judge.
  Kaiyuan five years (717) 30-year-old
  March, the recovery of business state and other 12 states, states were doing reconstruction government in liucheng.
  September, Tong, Ha Province and sijung are to restore the old name. When recovery Zhenguan Expostulation, the historians to participate in the proposed rate of meeting the prime minister.
  November Chao's visit to his testament, Supervisor Ma Huai petitioned the Secretary of editing the book group. Japan this year into the Tang Kibi Mabi. After returning to imitate Chinese characters for Japanese kana (Japanese characters).
  Inception six years (718) 30-year-old
  The first month, disable the evil of money, capital, riot, never owned a few easily.
  In August, before taxes to increase government pensions.
  Fu Bing six year rule is a simple point.
  Kaiyuan seven (719) 30-year-old
  March, Rong Wang Taizuo Bohai Prefecture, Death, son of great martial arts attack position. Is on. Twice Jiedushi home, leading benefits, Peng and other 25 states.
  Kaiyuan eight (720)-old
  The first month, Song Jing, Su Ting Ba Xiang, Yao-to source for the Huangmenshilang dry. Zhang Jiazhen as assistant minister in the book, with Pingzhang Shi.
  In February, was to include families fled. Pieces of heavy military service to the government. 60 is a free, appropriate limits to the burden of year-end so people took turns.
  May also buy 10 provincial judge. Yao is sijung to source dry. Zhang Jiazhen to Zhongshu Ling.

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