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Li Kuo 唐代  唐(742 AD805 AD)
Web/Pen/Nick Name: 神武孝文皇帝
Temple Name: 德宗
Tomb: 崇陵
Reign779 AD805 AD
建中January, 780 ADDecember, 783 AD
兴元January, 784 ADDecember, 784 AD
贞元January, 785 ADAugust, 805 AD
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Poetry《Correction Feast banquet Bailiao Ci Shi》   《Correction Festival gift Officials of all ranks and descriptions Yanjiyinshi the ideas in one's mind》   《The double ninth festival daily Ciyan Bend river Ting Fu 6 Verse Use up words》   《September The number 18 obliged Bailiao Chasing tours By the book the ideas in one's mind》   《送徐州张建封还镇》   《Lindedianyan Bailiao》   《元日退朝观军仗归营》   《Correction Section gives the ministers Yanfuqiyun》   《Three days Form was For show Bailiao》   《The double ninth festival daily China and foreign countries Wayzgoose Due to Shi Yan said Qunguan》   More poems...

  Tangde Zong Li fitness (kuò), Tempo first year (742) was born on April 19 in Chang'an Grand Palace. He is the eldest grandson of Su-tsung, Daizong's eldest son, and his entire youth, is the prosperous Tang Empire bustling glory days. But did not last long, he
  14 years old (Tempo 14 set, 755) in November, the outbreak of the Rebellion, the fall of the second year Chang, Hsuan-tsung fled Sichuan, from the Tang Empire caught in an ancient rare among the great chaos. Rise and Fall of the Tang Empire in Transition, Corrections, and with members of other royal family suffered the pain of war and the home country, but also personally experienced the war and challenge.
  Daizong ascended the throne at the beginning, Lee was named the world appropriate marshal troops and horses, take up the remnants of the rebels and security history last battle mission. Put down the rebels, Lee suitable for power thanks to the Book of Order, and counter-insurgency a General, Li Guangbi give Master in iron along with coupons, graphics Lingyan Pavilion.
  Four life conflicts
  Hironori years (764) the first month, Lee has been established as appropriate to the eldest son as crown prince, and book ceremony held in February. Dali 14 years (779) in May, Daizong died in Chang'an palace. As crown prince Li appropriate follow Fuhuangyizhao coffin came to the throne, is the history of the Tang Dezong.
  Corrections to the entire reign of 26 years, the use of his Yi Zhao said, is "twenty-seven set," which is virtual means. Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, reigned longer than his only Gojong and reign, Taizong reign of 23 years, but also; in him, which the Tang Dynasty emperor no longer than his reign.
  Corrections to the throne after the reign title the following year. During his reign, reign of three were used: Jianzhong (4 years), Xing Yuan (1 year), Zhen Yuan (21 years).
  Adolescent turmoil of life to make Corrections to know the stability of the value, after he ascended the throne, a great revival Tuqiang ambitions. Ascended the throne at the beginning, in order to achieve their own political ideals, he implemented innovative, decisive and energetic. However, Corrections to the many measures taken after the An-Tang Empire because the die-hard but have little effect, despite some rough fruit, but paid a heavy price. When the Corrections of some reform setbacks, his ambition even disappeared. Corrections to the life, both character and action, are full of contradictions and tragic.
  One contradiction: the evolution from the throne at the beginning to trust the prime minister of the minister's suspicions, and refused to take advice form a non-decorated, self-willed character.
  Frequent personnel changes over the court, especially the frequent change of prime minister, so that the affairs of state during the reign of the Han and even occasionally to present encouraging new atmosphere, but also short-lived and can not be maintained. De Apostle personnel disputes to have grand aspirations, but can not be achieved salvation and prosperous country.
  The second contradiction: fan cut by the force of the military governors turned into appeasement.
  Corrections to the throne and has been trying to deprived of their soldier dead weight of the power of the local Military Governor. Therefore, he did use force.
  Jianzhong years (781) the first month, Hebei Chengde Town (stationed permanent state, this Hebei definite) Jiedushi Libao Chen died. Military Governor in accordance with previous jobs and land after the death of the sons of the rules passed to his son Lee Koreoka father's footsteps on the table the request bit. Corrections would like to get rid of military governors as early as his son is said, does not obey the court's shortcomings, firmly rejected the request. Weibo Jiedushi Denetsu poetry of Jiedushi Jane Lee himself, Shannan Jiedushi Liangchong Yi for their common interests and Lee Koreoka conspiring together, ready to use force to resist the court. Corrections to requisition troops Jingxi thousand people guarding against the autumn Kanto, and personally in the campaign against Chang hosted a Treat Horses, started a campaign to force cut fan, and made great in the first stage results: poetry of Jane Lee has died, his son, defeated Li Na was beaten, Li Koreoka killed by his Ministry Wang Wujun only Denetsu in Weizhou resist. Into Germany and the surrender of the town's general Zhang, Corrections appointed him into the German military commissioner. However, Corrections cut fan in the process, the use of military governors to fight military governors, leading to participation in the court battle Youzhou Jiedushi cut Fan Tao Zhu and others dissatisfied. Results, the situation reversed. Jianzhong three years (782) end, Lulong Jiedushi claim Ji Zhu Tao Wang, Zhao Cheng Tak Wang Wujun said poetry of Li Na said the King of Qi, Weibo Tian Yue said the king and the "four towns" to Zhu Tao was the chief and joint fight against the court. Li Xilie emperor system after the Two Birds are printed on the march
  Line Li Sheng, Shuofang Jiedushi Li Huaiguang other loyalist troops withdrawal from Hebei, Corrections to the cut-fan war end.
  Zhen Yuan Dynasty (785), in autumn, Ma Sui recovered in the river, Li Huaiguang defeated and committed suicide, the second in April, would be Chen Xianqi kill Li Xilie Huaixi surrender, Corrections on the appointment of Chen Xianqi as military commissioner. July, Huaixi Bingma Shi Wu Shaocheng kill Chen Xianqi, Corrections Youyi Wu Jiedushi after leaving.
  "Dali ingot", "Jianzhong Tong Bao" coin
  The third contradiction: on the inner court eunuchs from the throne at the beginning of the "dredging exclusion" turned into a subsequent re-appointed to policy imperial guards and eunuchs grasp God as a system of supervisory army.
  Akinori Empress Wang
  Wei 贤妃
  Corrections to the emperor, 11 children, Seven Generations of students at Queen's Wang Shun cases.
  1. → Emperor Shunzong of Tang Xuan Wang Li Deng
  2. Shu Wang Li Yi, whose real name is Li Mo, Li Yu's third child in Tang prince Li Zhao Jing Miao children. Its most children, Tangde Zong Li appropriate sense of pity, life for their children.
  3. Tong Wang Li Chen
  4. Qian Wang Li understanding
  5. Su Wang Li Long
  6. Yong Wang Wen Jing Prince → Li Yuan, Emperor Shunzong of Tang Li Deng's children, Tangde Zong Li appropriate sense of pity, life for their children.
  7. Information Wang Li Qian
  8. Jinyun Dukes → behalf of Wang Li Yin
  9. According to Wang Li Commandments
  10. Qin Wang Li-e
  11. Jane Wang Lee Hsien Chou
  Tang Dezong total of 11 daughter:
  1. Han Guozhen Princess Mu (Queen Mother Seven Generations, the first labeled TANG Princess)
  2. Weiguo Xian Mu Princess (Princess Yiyang first labeled, married Wang Shiping)
  3. Zheng Zhuang Mu Princess (first labeled Yoshiaki princess, married Mao cases)
  4. Pro True Princess (married Xue Zhao, death of a prince in dollars and years)
  5. Yongyang Princess (married Cui Yin)
  6. Puning princess (died)
  7. Wen'an Princess (ordained as a priest, death of a prince in Japan years)
  8. Yan Guo Xiang Mu Princess (Princess first labeled Haman, death of a prince in dollars and years)
  9. Yi Chuan Princess (mortality)
  10. Yidu Princess (married Liu Yu, death of a prince in Zhenyuan years)
  11. Jinping Gong master (died)

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