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Parent type: travel

  I. What is Travel?
  Travels, by definition, travel in mind. That is, on a trip, tour, tour ... ... and other records. Here, the meaning of a variety of travel: travel, tourism, sightseeing, tours, visits, interviews, study tours.
  Travel is a prose description of the form of travelogues. Draw on a wide range of travels, you can describe the beauty of great mountains and rivers Guiqi, can record the interesting customs Fu Sheng, can reflect a person's daily life, a look, you can remember the next major event in the country, and expressed the author's thoughts and feelings. Easy writing style, vivid description, detailed account, gives a rich sense of social knowledge and beauty. Travel there with a discussion of color, such as "Yueyang Tower" and "You praise Zen Mountain in mind"; have brought science of color, such as Li Tao Yuan's "Three Gorges"; there with lyrical color, such as Liu's "small sokdam mind" .
  In contemporary literature, travel and human history is given meaning, in which Jian Bozan's "Inner Mongolia's visit to Cuba," Yu's "Mountain Home", Han Han's "big country town" is the most representatives.
  Second, the classification of Travels
  Travel can be divided into different categories. To record the trip is mainly narrative-based travel notes; to express the feelings of the main lyrical type Travels; to describe scenery, paint a portrait of the landscape is mainly based travel notes; tour through the mind to illustrate is that the reasoning based travels. However, no matter what kind of travels are through the natural scenery, scenic, landscape, landscape of people and things to describe, to achieve the notes, emotion, reasoning and other purposes. So writing travelogues, we must have the "Tour" of record, no "You", there would be no "Travels."
  Third, the writing method Travels
  No matter what kind of travelogue, in writing should note the following points:
  1, Travels in the clues
  Some people say that writing articles like the beads, not a clue to link up the various elements of which, this article will be broken, or disorganized. Travel writing is that we must have a reasonable clue to run through them. The trail also can be said that the order in writing.
  Travels, the most commonly used is probably the order of the whereabouts of the writing. That is in accordance with the visit to write the order. Such as a visit to the zoo's Travels, you can visit the order of 11 according to accounts. In addition, organizational relationship to the scene, bearing in mind the relationship between the travel as a clue. We recommend that all beginners write travelogue, we must use certain clues to organize the article, at the out_set_ in order to develop clarity of the writing habits.
  2, Travels in the main
  Of the main things that people do this or collective. Since it is a tour, there must be the main tour. In the Travels of writing, if the missing person, with instructions to paint a portrait of the text or prose almost the same. Highlighted in the main body of the Travels are also many different ways, you can start pointing to, for example in the beginning of a travelogue, an authors wrote: "Today, students in our class teacher in Class LI Under the leadership of visits to Peking University ", pointing to the main body travels is" Our classmates and teacher Lee "; In addition, the subject can also be Travels in the process of writing the natural appearance, can also be the end of that article.
  3, paint a portrait of Travels
  Travels on the scene described is also an important part. Are the main, King is the object. Travels in the scene description, should be based on the needs of writing, there are choices, and focus to write. Travels in the scenery description best able to cope with the subject of the article. If a student write an article, visit the Great Wall, were focused on the ancient Great Wall and the surrounding clean and tidy spectacular scenic environment of the description, the scene of the description and the theme of heritage preservation and environmental protection combines closely.
  4, Travels in place
  Travels in writing, be sure to pay attention to the location description tour or visit, such as aquarium, prairie, science and technology museum.
  5 to prioritization of Travel
  Travel is a tour though the process of recording, but not exhaustive records. I have seen students write a travelogue, starting from the morning to get up to write, then write what to eat breakfast, how to go by car, all the way to see what happened ... ... 11, wrote what has been back to the last to the home. A travelogue, written thousands of words. Anything that people are not impressed with the place. Travel writing is not so, but a running account, there is no one wants to read on the.
  Travel Notes, an important trip, a unique landscape, the article on the subject have an important role in the performance of things and so on, to focus on description, others should be a passing, or simply spent not writing. Write this article, will prioritize, a prominent theme, exquisite that cause.

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