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  The concept of food
  Original meaning: to drink. Oracle shape. The right is the human form, who left on top is stretched out his tongue, the left below is a wine forum (west). Elephant Man sticking out his tongue to drink the altar wine. Xiaozhuan as "a drink", official script for "drink."
  The ancients have long known that wine. Wine is well-known people of Yin, Gu Jue and other drinking vessels unearthed much that can explain the Sheng was drinking. However, generally the so-called wine are all ancient millet as Mi (boiled of millet), with music tillering (niè) (yeast) led to, not shochu. Shochu is a-coming.
  Tea is one of our main specialties. "Ya interpretation tree": "jia, tea." Tea Tu This is the same word. But no ancient records of tea drinking. Wang Bao "children about" Li said, "Peng Cha," "to buy tea," tea in the Han Dynasty can be seen in some areas is not only a beverage but also a commodity. "Three Kingdoms, Wu Shu-Chuan Wei Yao," contains, Sun Hao Wei Yao Cha Chi Chuan close to when the wine, "added Natural History" Southern Man said good tea, tea drinking culture is probably spread from the south. Northern and Southern Dynasties burgeoning culture of tea drinking. After the Tang and Song dynasties, tea became the drink of the general scholar.
  Chinese food
  Is renowned in the world, overseas Chinese and ethnic Chinese people overseas to seek foreign students, the most common operation is the restaurant industry. Department should have Chinese restaurants are Chinese, Chinese food can be said to "eat" is the world. This phenomenon as early as the beginning of this century, they were revolutionary pioneer Sun Yat-sen keenly observed. Sun Yat-sen in its "nation-building strategy," a book, said: "I am Chinese modern civilization and, after everything are falling, but eating one of progress, has still less to States." Sun Yat-sen in this paper is right, and indeed, such as Sun Yat-sen said, the Chinese civilization to modern times, the impact of Western civilization to pieces, people of insight in all working diagnose the troubles asked illness. However, the Chinese restaurant is a great difference, actually be able to visit Europe and the United States, all over the world, invincible, so far the world has in almost every corner of the restaurant. This strong contrast between the raised academic concern, but it is not a more convincing explanation. We believe that Chinese restaurants can be all over the world is not an isolated and accidental phenomenon, the reasons and the Chinese food culture are inextricably related. Therefore explore some features of Chinese food culture, will help us to explain this phenomenon.
  It comes to Chinese food culture, many Chinese recipes and Chinese cuisine will be the color, smell, taste, shape praise. But if from the comparative perspective to explore the food culture, can operate the way to grasp the essence of Chinese food culture. No more no identification. I here that the more feasible approach is to discuss the Chinese food culture, way of life from the perspective of food in the country. In fact, the Chinese food culture, actually refers to the Chinese eating lifestyle. And to talk about Chinese food culture must be related to Chinese culture, the relationship between the two is extremely close. Therefore we need first some of the characteristics of Chinese culture as a set.
  Chinese culture is what kind of culture? This must look at the geography of early Chinese culture, because the more early, the greater the cultural subject to environmental constraints. Mainland China, Southeast Asia, the northwest is a vast desert, grassland and desert, south-east is the vast sea. Chinese culture, the main hotbed of the Yellow River basin although the land is more fertile, but other than the poor environment, windy and drier conditions for the survival of pro-poor. Civilization is produced, then the culture is to compare the strong trend of realism shown, the color is very strong ethics. Because this society needs humility needs Shao Yu, and a community needs something, what is often missing when her. Chinese culture from the beginning to show characteristics of early maturity. Marx once that Chinese civilization is a precocious child, her obvious during the development of advanced features. Other hand, Western civilization, are quite different. Childhood in Western culture, the Greek civilization, with its unique wave temperature and atmosphere to write the history of civilization, Marx used to think that Greek civilization is a normal infant development. Soil survival of Chinese culture, in its development process gradually dry, gradually become not in agricultural production, soil and other factors as Deng is very detrimental to agricultural production, the reality of suffering not produce culture, romance, so the Chinese civilization with its strong Characteristics of the moral and abstinence through to the end. Interrogation each other philosophers before the Qin Dynasty, go all out have a common goal, the purpose is to establish the ideal of a world without strife. But mere ideals. The occasion of the Warring States, the nations dispute, with strength compared with the end result of the state of Qin to encourage military merit, reward farming fight domination, this desire of the people. World conflicts, the people how to live, and this is the choice of history. Only dominate, they are not to "the world king of several people, several people emperor."? (Cao Cao language)
  Qin Dynasty, Chu in southern China also has been showing a romantic thought, but soon thought to be the north shrouded realistic and drowned, the emperor unified China, by the writing, the future emperor unified the history of history. China's feudal society, the situation in order to maintain the system, allowing the King has the supreme authority, but to give him much to constrain the feudal etiquette; China has the world's first fair to take officer's civil service system - Examination system; Chinese history calls for clean government , the event will be the song of songs for, and admiration. Therefore, China even though there is no religion in the strict sense, but 其 certain characteristics and the characteristics of religion is similar to Xing, the God has its own; if the phenomenon also Shi Wei Ba Zheyi religion, then the Chinese-style religious 则 is in reality Yi Yi the extreme idealism. The history of China's extreme idealism, and therefore produce, it also God, but God is its made of real human incarnation, the reality of the person can not serve as the ideal of God, so the history of China on God creating movement after another, until today. Or Chinese is a polytheistic religion, not worship one God, what god of wealth, god of medicine, the Kitchen God, Matsu, etc., are considered to be worship of God. Chinese culture also has two additional features: One is the absolute pursuit of application, but does not eliminate all practical things. The history of Chinese science and technology can be seen in the course of history, all the practical technology is developed, such as agriculture and medical technology is developed, while the non-practical things you can not develop. Mohist of the Qin Dynasty knowledge of optics and geometry, Domination of Confucianism in the Han dynasty since not been able to continue to develop. China did not produce physics, chemistry, biology and other basic subjects. Of course, alchemy in pursuit of eternal youth in the process of the emperor was also developed, which does contain chemical knowledge. China's handicraft industry is very developed, but large-scale industrial production of modern machines, such as the steam engine was invented in China is not. 15 centuries ago, the world's most inventions are created in the hands of the Chinese people, but through a series of experiments in modern times can be generated by means of modern science can not produce in China: Chinese culture to show the unique characteristics of love. Confucius's thought is the core of "Benevolence" as kind, multi-child inherits the implementation of the Chinese system, so that analysis of bulk properties on the one hand to the other limits the long-distance migration, the Chinese people hate to move with it significant. The inheritance system limits the commercial development, which would focus more children, more happiness in the thought to be produced more children, more happiness in thinking of society's population, derived more than daughters, the persistence of population pressure of society, as long as the productivity of society to feed its population, the number of people will appear.
  Many features of Chinese food culture, reflected in the food culture on a direct impact on the development of the Chinese food culture. First of all, because of population pressure and the presence of many other reasons, so the Chinese food from the Qin Dynasty began, that is, grain-based, less grain and more meat, supplemented by vegetables, this is the structure of a typical meal. Where rice is the staple food, but food is to go with rice, or rice to help swallow. Why do to help swallow food? That is because the staple food is not tasty, there must be a substance to assist that allows people to eat. Of course dish features and functions of a common salt, but not the same as salt. This prompted China's primary objective is to decorate the cooking food, so not funny, I get the food; Second, the pursuit of Chinese culture, shirts, Chinese handicrafts, so, cooking, diet processing technology is second to none in the world, reflects the The shirt features of Chinese culture. All of these, the Chinese food culture has the following characteristics. First, the Chinese cooking technique developed, many Westerners seem inedible items, after the Chinese chef's labor, to become people see the appetite for a Dayton open; Second, Chinese recipe widely covered the food to eat by key There is no taboo; Third, the writings of the Chinese famine particularly large, to prepare for the year of famine in order to fill up the stomach with vegetables; Fourth, the Chinese people's pursuit of food to music to pursue a life, eat a first request. As the Chinese people can not make arbitrary eat there poet wrote:
  Red sky surveys over late afternoon, the belly of their own actual situation known.
  Life difficult for a non-full, only when favorable weather.
  So no worries about food and clothing has long been difficult to do, so eating in the life of the Chinese people hold a special place, evidence is overwhelming.
  But we would also like to point out that many features of the Chinese diet, is not visible in the daily life of ordinary people. Food Court, City restaurants with food is better and more comprehensive demonstration of these characteristics. Civilians festival food, such as Chinese New Year, may be able to part of the demonstration of these features, but the Spring Festival for the year of 365 days for a brief moment, after all, such as short-lived.
  Culture, neither good nor bad, neither good nor bad food culture, the difference is just a different way of life under environmental conditions or diet of a different. But how to understand and analyze this distinction is very important. The purpose of the book on this point and make a point try, it can be recognized by most readers do not know. In most cases, under which I was one of those "far Cook Up Some" who does not know much about cooking, not gourmet, but I know very well, "a rice porridge when thinking of a hard-won" in this sense, take me to China Some views on food culture, line of the brush, want Fang to teach
  Beijing's food
  - Beijing eight bowl
  Food is to eat is the first necessary of life. Chinese or foreigners worth mentioning, who also needs to eat. What to eat, how to eat, every country and every nation, every family, every person has their own way of eating.
  Food is a culture, and Chinese cuisine is world-famous world. Delicious Chinese food, foreigners love to eat is an indisputable fact. Chinese food culture has a long history. For thousands of years, people have been formed through continuous summary of the eight major cuisines of the Chinese food that Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui and schools.
  Beijing is a world-renowned ancient capital and historic and cultural city, has 3000 years of history. Emperors its capital Beijing, as Beijing's cultural accumulation are profound content. Food culture, is one of a variety of cultural content, and profound. As the eight major cuisines of the formation, evolution, also experienced a long historical process. Beijing cuisine does not work in within eight dishes, but the Beijing cuisine is one of the main local dishes.
  The history of Beijing's special political status, so that people who live in Beijing complex and diverse, reflected in the diet, the same diverse spectrum. The tastes of different parties to form various types of dietary variety. Eight dishes are authentic, have local flavor, but also Manchu, Mongol, Hui, Korean and other ethnic burning, roasting, rinse, as well as outside the domain transfer incoming foreign fast food and so on. The current unprecedented prosperity catering market. Yangkeng, relieve their hunger for everything.
  The food is Chibian, and what taste it? People in old Beijing people like to eat what? It can be said of old Beijing before liberation, not many people really rich, royal, VIPs eat delicacies, while the ordinary people's homes to buy food's pretty good, in case of weddings and funerals can eat on the "eight bowl" is fine.
  Old Beijing's "eight bowl" What? People under the age of six have not seen, and some have never heard, it is even more not eaten. Today, many people Chibian Beijing all the "good restaurant", the nostalgia again, miss the old Beijing's eating up.
  Old Beijing "eight bowl" is actually a common, and affordable cuisine, is the well-cooked poultry meat made by eight-color, aroma and taste, and put on the table in full bloom with the traditional bowl of food. "Eight bowl," said White, that is, three yellow chicken bowl, bowl, fish, bowl elbow, bowl balls, rice flour meat bowl, bowl with pork, loose bowl of meat, there are bowl ribs.
  Old Beijing "eight bowl" in the old people living in Beijing, is the indispensable food. Health Festival birthday, weddings and funerals, children and other full moon days are missed it. Liberation than it is today because there are so many hotels, restaurants, mostly civilians they are relatively poor, weddings and funerals are experiencing at home in the village from the greenhouse to entertain friends and family support. So that's, the catering trade are no chef to do this is called "running shed."
  Usually feast on the table "four dry", "four cold", "four hot," "Eight disc", "eight bowl" and so on. After the restaurant's dishes gradually evolved into "four cold" or "six cold", eight hot dishes, 10 hot dishes, 12 hot dishes. For the beauty, the bowl into the dish Sheng Sheng.
  Old Beijing "eight bowl," although popular among the people, but also a palace of delicious cuisine. According to legend the Empress Dowager Cixi fled home when he ran into people, a wedding, a taste of Taiwan's "eight bowl." Back in Beijing, called imperial kitchen cooking according to the practice of civil society, civil and military dinner.
  Old Beijing "eight bowl" also once lost, until now few people will do, so it is difficult to eat. But I heard recently located in the Marco Polo Bridge Wanping Theater's "Old Beijing Impression", to carry forward the folk culture, and the parties to seek "eight bowl" make the recipe, finally making folk look to be the old Beijing "eight bowl" of the old chef . The old production of "eight bowl" with purse formula grant. That is the basis of these oral formulations, through repeated trial, and finally successful. Old Beijing "eight bowl" in the "old Beijing impression" after the release is also said to praise, genuine, authentic old Beijing flavor dishes, and finally brought to light. At present, the "old Beijing impression" of the old Beijing "eight bowl" on the basis of the traditional production, but also the development of innovative new varieties out of many, also in accordance with modern taste, the launching of "eight bowl" series, including seafood "eight bowl", beef and mutton, "eight bowl," venison "eight bowl" birds "eight bowl", under the goods "eight bowl" and vegan "eight bowl." Consumers to "old Beijing Impression", both to eat affordable "eight bowl", but also watch the "old bridge stunt troupe" exciting stunts, really enjoy it, people linger.
  Halal Food
  Zhang Baoshen
  Beijing is a city inhabited by various ethnic groups of China, where Muslims believe Islam's various ethnic groups more than 20 million people. Beijing history, culture and charm of modern metropolis, attracting a growing number of Islamic countries, all walks of life to visit, visit, tourism, international exchanges are increasing. In particular, the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, there will be more than 40 athletes from Islamic countries, more than 100 countries and regions, Muslims in the future Beijing sightseeing tour. This is undoubtedly a halal restaurant in Beijing offers unprecedented opportunities and higher requirements.
  Ming Dynasty Yongle, "Yan Wang swept the North," capital in Beijing, a large number of Muslim migration from the south, north, settled in Beijing, to the south of Muslim food production techniques introduced in Beijing to promote the development of Beijing's Muslim diet. From the Yuan and Ming dynasties to clear, after several hundred years of development, Beijing has rich varieties of halal food, a variety of unique flavor, color, flavor and beautiful dishes and snacks, introduced the Royal Palace, became imperial. Later, some of it was rumored that ectopic, popular in cities, as Muslim Cuisines. Beijing is still halal restaurant dishes of all the "it like honey", "Osmanthus lamb", "sesame loin," "Salt explosion scattered Dan," so that once the Qing imperial dishes.
  Republic of China, with the development of national industry and commerce, halal restaurants in Beijing formed a mature market. Muslim in the front door area restaurants have opened: per Xingtang, two beneficial Villa, and Villa with the same interests Villa, Western Museum, West St Hall, banquets floor, extraction Fong Yuen, Cheong Yuet House, cohabitation Museum (pie Week ), En Yuan Ju (fried knots), etc. dozens. Another Zhongshan Park Ruizhen thick, Dong'an Donglaishun and another along such Xidan. In 1930, in the bustling Xidan intersection, Islamic Fanzhuang "West to Shun" open for business, immediately hit the capital. One reason is that as the West to shun Fanzhuang manager is named as the capital of the Muslim cook various crown Cheung. Formerly all Lian Xiang Zhu Xiang, a famous Muslim cuisine innovator. He was a skilled cook, Qing Palace imperial kitchen had to serve. Early Years and went on to the "two benefit Xuan" and Fanzhuang guide cooking skills, bring out a number of outstanding students. Zhu Xiang-informed, open-minded innovation in the halal food, the boldly absorb the Western and Chinese cuisine in a number of north-south skills, create a "deep-fried sheep tail", "Health Grilled lamb," "fried chicken in Gansu," " fried belly Ren "and other dishes more than 100 kinds of new Muslim, and first halal seafood dishes, and diners in the peer reputation. Peking Opera master Ma Lailiang is Muslim, often to the West to shun banquet and dining, and forged deep friendship with Zhu Xiang. Engender a lot of culture, theater celebrities, competing to patronize the West to shun. After the peaceful liberation of Beijing, the National Political Consultative Conference, Conference on the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang, and many other important meetings, have dinner reception was held here. Cheung in various cooking and many other Muslim masters of innovation efforts, Beijing's halal food in the capital taste culinary culture has been unique in Hualien.
  It has been published in a variety of Beijing "halal menu" contained in the Beijing's Muslim cuisine has reached more than 500 varieties. Many old and famous, Kisaragi vegetarian sauce containing beef and mutton, Dashun fast burning sugar, pie pie week, Bean Zhang Bean, Sheepshead horse White sheep's head, lib lib Feng, cut cake king cake, have is hundreds of years of Cuisines, earnestly.
  Recently, Beijing held a "second Islamic Cooking service skills competition," more than 50 Muslim food business, nearly 300 players participating, for the Olympic Games to prepare halal cooking. East by the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing will have a halal restaurant fast development.
  Some common sense diet
  Diet genre
  Three schools catering: Beijing-style, Soviet-style, Cantonese, Sichuan-style
  School snacks
  Snacks Four Schools: Beijing-style, Soviet-style, Cantonese, Fujianese
  With the addition of Sichuan food in the food culture in the rapid rise in status, Sichuan-style can also be counted as one of the five schools.
  Food City
  Northern Food Center: Beijing
  Western diet centers: the "food in China taste in Chengdu" Chengdu title
  Eastern Food Center: the "Number One Restaurant" title in Suzhou
  Southern Food Centre: There are "eating in Guangzhou," the title of the Guangzhou
  Snack City
  Four snacks
  Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Changsha
  Eight snacks
  Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, Beijing, Chengdu, Kaifeng, Taipei
  Eight Chinese cuisine
  Shandong cuisine, Sichuan, Jiangsu cuisine, Yangzhou, Anhui cuisine, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan
  Four Seasons Food Notes
  Spring clean: spring earth living vitality, human blood flow and function of organs and tissues in the body is easy to restore, it is appropriate to support the body upright, remove the body of a winter that included extra material. Spring vulnerable to wind cold, the five elements are wood, Yingfengliulei, head injury, sour taste, irritability, liver and gallbladder injury, it is preferred in the spring clean-up of health care products Hepatobiliary Huo. Spring yang ascending, incidence of hypertension is easy at this time should not be too fresh food Xin hot hot work to prevent high blood pressure, stool dry end, you can Chak green light, and water chestnuts, vegetables, fruits like pear .
  Summer notes: warm summer vulnerable to heat evil, five elements are fire, Hao Shang and body fluids, often affect the intestinal absorption of sweat, make people Firelight on inflammation, red in the face, mouth sores, so easy to drop Firelight, conditioning aspirations, summer planting time hot hot solar terms, the body sweats more, poor appetite, easy to hurt the spleen, usually difficult to nourishing, they pass gas regulating element 7, spleen and stomach, blood running smooth, stomach strength enough, so clear and fresh body.
  Autumn meeting: Autumn weather is becoming cooler, more people, dry mouth, cough with scanty sputum, lung injury Jin Yi Yi Yin and lungs, if adjusted by the spring and summer, after clearing, the body running normally, then to add proper nutrition , so that blood filling, Yang Yin Long, sturdy body, and many of Replenishing food has too much sugar, lipids, proteins and hormones, so the choice to have scales, plus a reasonable service health food diet.
  Winter Precautions: Winter weather is cold, not warm and physically weak kidney injury, less activity, increase the amount of food into the body too easy to accumulate lipids, and blood is running slow, prone to cardiovascular disease. When should choose to use Cover up food, or made of herbs, such as Eight Treasure Chicken, Chinese wolfberry sticky rice, Chinese caterpillar fungus and red dates stew Tuan Yu, dog meat porridge, etc.. In short, clean, tune up, anti.'s Four Seasons food therapy principles, is a good health regimen, removal of the body of excess materials, regulating the body's balance of mind, add the appropriate nutrition to achieve the preventive health care, physical key body, the purpose of longevity.
  Six modern food habits
  Eating is a pleasure, but you ever thought of incorrect diet would cause many chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Diet is not the most important departure from the principles of nature.
  Modern diet is the first major problem of excess heat and uneven.
  Members may have seen in the African savannah, obesity can not be running the Lions? In addition to humans, all animals are hungry, when it is out foraging. Excessive intake of food, especially meat, excessive, has the human adult diseases and cancer is largely due. So how is the appropriate amount to eat it?
  First of all, please look in the mirror to see their own teeth, the content of human food choices should be consistent with the structure of the teeth. Healthy human beings have 32 teeth, up and down about the relative said. If there is only a fancy row of teeth, each about two incisors, one canine, five premolars. As you know, front teeth is primarily used to feed on vegetables and fruits, canines are used to tear meat, and molars are used to chew food such as cereals and pulses. From this, the content of the human diet should be the staple food grains and pulses, vegetables and fruit for the non-staple food, while the second non-staple food, compared with a ratio of meat should be 5 to 2 to 1 is most appropriate. So how exactly is eating the amount should we do? The fact is that feeling of each person's stomach as the main judge. Chinese people say: eat eight full, meaning that as long as the ratio of the above diet, eat that has eight full stomach, it should be enough is enough. So there will not be over-nutrition or nutrition imbalance. Perhaps some people would doubt the proportion of the diet will lead to a lack of protein. In fact, in addition to cereals and legumes are rich in starch, but also contain easily digested protein. Although they are not entirely specific protein (the lack of certain essential amino acids), but consumption is up with the complementary role, while a complete protein, never lost its nutritional value of meat protein.
  The second modern law of breach of natural diet is the way of cooking errors.
  The recent vigorous development of fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC and other stores were set up to make fried chicken, french fries and a kids favorite. Many people thought that fried foods are using a vegetable oil rather than lard or butter should be no problem. In fact, the vegetable oils are mostly unsaturated fatty acids are easily oxidized under the heat generated in the lipid free radicals and lipid peroxidation and other harmful substances. These reactive substances will not only promote atherosclerosis, dark spots, wrinkles and other aging phenomena were also easy to induce cancer (especially lung cancer) from occurring. Therefore, the best way of conditioning to stew, stewed, fried the way of water, and less fried or fried way.
  The third violation of natural law of modern way of eating is the consumption of over-refined foods and lack of fiber.
  The fourth problem is the modern diet food pollution.
  The fifth problem is that modern diet no intention of going for.
  The sixth issue of modern diet is the lack of movement.
  Some people may ask, how sports and diet? In fact exercise can enhance gastrointestinal motility, helps the body to drain fat or harmful toxins. Many people often complain of constipation and abdominal distension, eat the same things as if missing, the majority is caused by lack of exercise. While all human cells can increase oxygen consumption, relying on oxygen, glucose or fatty acids into ATP storage. The time when the body needs energy, ATP can be quickly transformed into energy, the chemical reaction the same as if the battery stored energy. If lack of exercise are the body's glucose or fatty acids can not change the ATP, instead of into fatty tissue accumulation in the body. So we can say: the same lack of exercise and overeating, is the main reason for causing obesity. What sports most appropriate? In fact appropriate to the physical fitness of their best soft movement, such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, dance aerobics, and swimming. However, we must exercise to the body sweating, rapid heart beat over 100 times per minute, and continued 10 to 20 minutes of exercise in order to achieve the proper effect. Movement should be and "eat", as was a habit and a continuous exercise.
  Only in a happy mood, the proper and balanced intake of proper conditioning of natural food, and with sufficient exercise, to eat out healthy, ate a young and beautiful!
  Guangdong Food
  Cantonese origin. Can be traced back to the Han Dynasty two thousand years ago. Ancient times, before the arrival of immigrants Central Plains, South Vietnamese family ancestors to have a unique style of food such as fish, hobby White Snake and raw clams. Western Han Dynasty, Liu An had "more people may think that the meat dish python" account. Song weeks to Africa, "LING WAI A" also recorded in Guangzhou, "and do not ask invariably eat birds Chong Yi." This is inseparable from the geographical location of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is sub-tropical water network area, Chong Yi clam fish especially rich, readily available, cook and eat, thus develop preferences fresh, crazy diet.
  Awareness of the importance of diet mood
  Awareness of the treatment of all.
  - 费兹士波尔士
  Of the last century, a most unusual scientific discovery is that the universe of observation of any phenomenon - observed how birds fly, or how to turn the Earth - will have a direct impact of the phenomenon. So, if we can rely on celestial bodies orbit reverse sense, then that vitamin A - that is awareness - the ability of the human body have a profound impact on not a surprising things.
  As you can see in the mirror, the face suddenly excited, also will boost the body's energy up, this is the sense of stimulating the metabolism of chemical substances; you have had such experience, when you are in nature which was surrounded by beautiful scenery, suddenly that refreshes the spirit of relaxation? This is also awareness of the role of the results of physiological systems in the body; or whether you have noticed that when people are concerned about the behavior and expression are more dynamic, that is because of awareness of the role of other components in your biochemistry.
  Awareness is there. We can feel it. We feel that this time the body also have the ability to do anything in life, and when we put food into the process of consciousness, it will be a very good metabolic power.
  Digestion from start thinking
  Awareness of the nutrition absorption and digestion and the burning heat played on the driving force, it just proved the scientists call "the first period of digestion reaction" (CPDR). The first reaction of digestion of a meal is simply the color, flavor and a special definition of satisfaction. Interestingly, researchers found that the work of our digestive 30% -40% should be attributed to the first reaction of digestion - the food we eat into the full consciousness.
  Can you recall a scene like this and do you see your favorite foods began to drool, or stomach growling? This is the first reaction of digestion. When our mouth and nose smell, taste, chewing, and noted that food, the brain had already started to digest. Brain response to food stimulation of the saliva, gastric acid, enzymes and intestinal neuropeptide production, while producing a variety of pancreatic enzymes: insulin, chymotrypsin, pancreatic amylase and lipase enzymes. Moreover, the blood began to flow into the digestive organs, the stomach and intestines together rhythmically, electrolysis by digestive enzymes together, for the digestion of food coming prepared.
  If we did not invest enough in the dinner's attention will reduce the blood flow into the digestive system, which means the oxygen required for oxidation and metabolic power shortage. This reduced the secretion of intestinal enzymes, leading to digestive disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, decreased immunity and fatigue.
  Teach you out of the family diet Mistakes
  Recently, experts have shown that, for many families, eating there many errors. He said that people who like to eat fried, should pay attention to the cooking food; for people who like soup, soup is also very particular about time.
  Experts said that some people do not eat fat to lose weight, but prefer to eat for themselves with very low in fat and calories of vegetables, this is actually a misunderstanding. The results show that: with its very low in fat and calories of vegetables, after frying, frying and other cooking, inhalation of oil is much higher than the original itself has more fat in the meat. This is mainly due to vegetable cells and cells filled the gap between the air, fish and meat cells and the gap filled with liquid, the former easier to breathe oil, a bowl of cooking oil are inhaled or more than a bowl of fish fried pork contains more fat, so for those who lose weight, eat more cooking is not only not get the effect of weight loss, it will increase the weight. Again, more delicious flavor seasoning, but the pepper, cinnamon, clove, cumin and other natural spices have some induced cancer and toxicity in the diet, excessive use of light who have dry mouth, sore throat, lethargy, insomnia feeling, severe cases can induce hypertension, gastroenteritis and other diseases, even cancer cells to form the possible damage. Therefore, the daily diet to minimize the use of the seasoning is appropriate.
  "Tom is a daily essential, for many people, that the longer the soup more nutritious, and this is a misunderstanding.". "To stew soup bones, for example, many people think to withstand the strain longer bones of calcium to all run out, cook as little as 12 hours, as many as 35 hours, or even burn the day As everyone knows, this is totally unnecessary cooking scientific justification. "
  Experts also pointed out that too much food cooked at high temperatures, the longer the more the loss of nutrition. People usually like to drink soup bones, no matter how high the temperature, how long, can not be completely dissolved bone calcium, because calcium contained animal bones easily broken down, but cooking will destroy the long bones the protein. The correct way is the bone broke down, and then put some cold water, slowly heating the fire, boil add a little vinegar to make in Bone phosphorus, calcium dissolved into soup, the whole heating process to one hour or so The appropriate way to burn out both nutritious and delicious soup.
  In order to facilitate everyone's memory, experts are summarized below, hope you can out of the family diet as soon as possible misunderstanding "
  Misunderstanding 1: vegetarian does not eat meat
  Misunderstanding 2: The longer the soup more nutritious
  Misunderstanding 3: Jiucun vegetables
  Many people in order to save time, buy a lot of vegetables from the vegetable market, the food slowly in the refrigerator, this is very good. As vegetables, especially leafy vegetables contain nitrates, in storage for some time, due to the role of enzymes and bacteria, nitrate is reduced to nitrite, and nitrite in the body combined with the protein substances, can generate cause Cancer of the nitrite amine. Long-term storage of vegetables is not only harmful substances, and the resulting loss of nutrients. Experimental results show that at 30 ℃ for 24 hours storage room, green leafy vegetables, vitamin C almost all the losses.
  Mistakes 4: preference to eat stir-fry
  Misunderstanding 5: more delicious seasoning seasoning
  Medical research shows that pepper, cinnamon, clove, cumin and other natural spices have some induced cancer and toxicity in the diet, excessive use of light who have dry mouth, sore throat, lethargy, insomnia feeling, in serious cases can induce hypertension, gastroenteritis and other diseases, even cancer may damage cell formation. Therefore, the daily diet to minimize the use of the seasoning is appropriate.

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